Don’t Miss The Robots Kiss

November 21, 2010

When you’re drowning in banality
When you’re hurt by inequality
When you’re tired, when you’re hopeless
When you’re stuck and when you’re clueless

When you’re weary, when you’re bored
Nothing seems worth a genuine effort
Connect the dots and read the plots
You’ll find the worldwide hottest spots

Don’t mind to spend your parents savings
To satisfy your web-space cravings
You’ll soon be blessed with virtual bliss
Excited by the robots kiss

You’ll be astonished and amazed
Just drag and drop, cut, copy, paste
And when you’re hit with gloom and strife
Install another virtual life

Digital mysteries of creation
Eternal bitstreams of salvation
The blessings of technology
Will elate you eternally

With terabytes of fantasy
And limitless virtuality
Enjoy the flow of virtual bliss
And never miss the robots kiss

MATO 12 12 2003

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