You’re Not Allowed To Leave Now!

December 31, 2010

Small businesses have a hard time, especially when the owners are not crooks but decent and honest men who refuse to take part in the cheating and deceiving that is going on everywhere on all levels.

You’re Not Allowed To Leave Now!

There’s a visitor waiting for you in the hall
He was vigorously ringing the bell

And a note on the board tells to answer a call
And you wonder, what the caller might tell

Never care about earnings, they might raise or might fall
There’ll be always some things you can sell

Just remember the smiles, and you’ll feel strong and tall
And your endeavors will go on well

Keep on the good work, you’re not ready to die
It could be, that some people will miss you

Feel the love in your heart, there’s no reason to cry
Cause this evening your angel will kiss you

And don’t tell, that you’ve failed, for that would be a lie
Even if money is now an issue

All your crops are still growing, and the wells are not dry
And the smiles of your love, they are with you

Mato 14/05/2001

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