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Links March 28, 2021

March 28, 2021

This is a collection of links to articles which I read and which I consider to be informative. At the moment I have no time to write anything myself, but as there are no unexpected new developments, the in older blog posts presented analyses and conclusions still stand.

It may also be the last post pubished on this platform because the new WordPress editor is nearly unusable.

Feline news:

Against all odds:

Environmental news:

Economic news:

Pandemic news:

Media, technology, and propaganda news:
One wonders, why even doubters who make the obligatory statement about “Assad’s warcrimes” are attacked. Is the tower of lies so fragile that even a dispute at the sidelines could topple it?

Imperial news:

“A paranoid view of the world and hostility to everything not under control” is the symptom, and the disease is the deep crisis of the Western socioeconomic system which is wasteful, inefficient, exploitative, and therefore unsustainable. As usual, admitting the problem has to be the first step, but it is not happening. So, in all likelihood it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Imperial conquest news:

The dissolution of Yugoslavia, the destruction of Gaddafi’s Libya by NATO bombing, and the destruction of Syria by Islamic proxies are the most egregious crimes of the Western empire, topping a long list of military covert actions, interventions, incursions, offensives, and occupations around the world and on every continent (except Australia).

All in the name of democracy, freedom, r2p, all euphemistically distorted, all concealed by mountains of lies, disinformation, and propaganda delivered dutifully by full spectrum imperial media (also called mainstream media).

Will the commanders, the strategists, the enablers, the minions ever pay for these crimes? Or do we have to capitulate facing the reality of an unjust world?
What is responsible for the pain? Government corruption and mismanagement, or ten years of war and Western sanctions?
This is Western propaganda, clearly recognizable in this paragraph:
On 17 March 2011, the United Nations voted to intervene to stop Gaddafi killing his own people, with Nato aircraft flying more than 7,000 strike sorties against Libyan forces over the following seven months. 

One note about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict:

If the velvet revolution in 2018 wouldn’t have brought Nikol Pashinyan into power, threatening a turn to the West and NATO, Azerbaijan and Turkey would not have being able to pull this off. If Armenia would have entered negotiations and given up certain Azerbaijan territory it had conquered in 1992 – 1994, a conflict could have been avoided.

China news:
Efforts to reduce China’s pollution had some success, but a perfect storm of northern winds and the industrial rebound have created dangerously high levels of pollution countrywide.
This is Jamestown propaganda, but the article shows how the USA blocks China’s technological progress.
US war against China over Taiwan is “much closer than most think”

Armageddon news:

Uncategorized news:

News from cat land:

Yesterday evening we made a forest walk and the bright moon and the stars shone on us. The whole cat family came, a noteworthy fact, as the generation conflict between young and old cats lately has diminished social cohesion. Usually there are only two or three cats participating.

“Herding cats” is impossible, but in the 17 years of our walks across meadows and through forests I’ve learned all the tricks necessary to keep the group together. Patience is required and while the cats sniff around, chase each other, disappear, and reappear, I have to keep in mind that I’m not the boss, that the course and pace of the walk is a common decision.

We encountered an owl family, but no bats – I wonder, if they still exist here.

I know, and the cats probably intuitively sense it too, that this place will not be spared from chemical pollution, habitat destruction, climate change, and biodiversity loss. How long will our little paradise be allowed to last?

No one knows, but it is evident that we live on borrowed time.