Mato’s Music

This is a selection of my own compositions. Recorded with Mac Mini (Intel), Yamaha mini mixer, Roland FP-2 e-piano and two AKG Perception microphones. The Software included Cubase 4, Waves plugins and some synth/samplers from National Instruments and Linplug. E-guitars and basses went directly into the mixer, acoustic guitars and percussion were recorded with the AKG microphones. Everything else is the sound of virtual instruments, played with the keyboard.

I made the recordings from 2004 to 2007. The years 2006 and 2007 were until now the most happy years of my life and though I still worked part time as a music teacher I had enough time to focus on my private musical projects and enough time to practice piano, guitar, bass, and percussion. (Practicing musical skills means 6 to 8 hours a day systematic musical exercise if one wants to reach a meaningful level of artistry.)

2008 was a bad year where I lost three of my dear animal companions (Harry and the two ducks Susi and Wuliwu) and experienced some personal troubles with my younger step-son. The bad experiences dampened my creativity and kind of derailed me. My focus shifted and I began writing this blog. In 2012 I started gardening which meant up to 12 hours work in the garden.

There is only so much time one has in this short live. 

I don’t rule out that one day I will start making music again. I would need to practice my instrument skills for many hours a day and it would take month if not years till I would again be skilled enough to create new compositions and make them worth recording.

The recordings here are not perfect, they have their structural and technical limitations. The compositions though are not as trite and silly as the bulk of todays popular music, not as worn out and stale as the endlessly repeated pop oldies. The compositions defy usual cliches and stereotypes and perfectly represent my personality.

This is not easy listening, not background music, not music for multitaskers. One has to pay attention and some tunes will only be understandable after repeated listening.

These recordings are despite their imperfections and musical limitations the perfect soundtrack to my blog posts.



Blue And Brown
Guitar 22_03

Restless Traveler Blues
Suppressed Anger Blues

cat songs

Cats Lullaby
Harry, The Hero
Lizzy’s Song
The Cats Are Sleeping


Bahia De Buena Vista
Buena Vista 2
Study 7_8 c
Study 7_8 d
Study 7_8 f
Unintended Latin 2
You’re Not Allowed

R & B

Harlem Revisited
New Orleans Sustained
Old Country Home
Shareholders Happiness
The Key
Two Line Groove

soft & cheesy

Christmas Song 2002
Don’t Lose Hope
Duet In 7_8
Quiet Love Of A Quiet Life
Spread Your Wings
We Lost Eden

exotic & weird

African Bembe Study
African Images Part 4
Angels Robbed The Bank
PPG (Persistent Panic Groove)
The Fools Are Busy
The Whole Truth
Unfamiliar Territory
Wicket Tune
Sacred Secret Of Emptiness
Money Rules And Love Has Gone

These tunes are selected from an archive of about 200 recordings. Other files may be added or files  may be exchanged according to feedback.

Mato studio 2012 DSCN0806

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