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Update to “More news…”

February 26, 2012

Christoph R. Hörstel wrote in another text: “It is obvious, that this media system is now in immaculate sync with secret “special operations” (NATO jargon: “special ops”) and military action plus political steps, for example sanctions, embargoes etc. That all has become a well-oiled, fine-tuned, high-revving oppressing and killing “machine”. It causes rifts and disunity in societies, paves the way to civil wars, brings about small, well-aimed secret military operations by night plus helicopter or drone attacks, overthrows governments and, should this all fail: conducts wars. All in full justification by an unparalleled corrupt mainstream media choir in NATO countries.”

A piece by Steven Erlanger in the New York Times on February 25 is a perfect example for this illumination. Erlanger writes war propaganda, camouflaged as factual reporting, and he defies any ethical standards of journalism. His piece is a meaningless repetition of commonplaces which serves only the purpose of setting the tone with certain embedded phrases that are now the standard repertoire of every Western journalist. Like for instance:

“As the dead pile up…”
“…in the months since Syrians revolted – and as Mr. Assad has unleashed his army against them…”
“…the burgeoning civil war in Syria…”
“Mr. Assad’s crackdown, which has killed at least 6,000 civilians…”
“…the upsurge in deaths in Idlib and Homs”
“…military units under government control had killed civilians”
“the longer Mr. Assad holds on to power, the more people will die”

The main purpose of Mr. Erlanger’s “report” and all similar reports is to implant and engrave these phrases into the brains of the media consumers, thus converting them from unproven assertions or outright fabrications into presumed facts.

There is no need to check the credibility or seriousness of sources, no need to even refer to sources. There is no need to weigh claims and counter claims and no need to discuss the plausibility of presented news.

All it takes to make editors and owners happy, is the constant, relentless repetition of the phrases from the standard repertoire.

A fabrication that is repeated a hundred times will mutate into a fact, and it can then be used as basis for reasoning and decision making like any “hard” fact. The reporting of the NY Times or the Washington Post or any other Western media enterprises is not a public service, is not information and education. The reporting of Western media enterprises is brain washing, mind control, re-education, is propaganda at its best. It is admirable for its resourcefulness, brilliance, and craftsmanship, yet despicable and utterly immoral for its purpose.

Because the purpose is: War, meaning more profits for the “Military Industrial Complex.”


Turkey just confirmed that it will buy 100 F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin for 16 billion US$ despite misgivings about not getting access to the source code of crucial software.

Saudi Arabia is the leading buyer of US weapons, receiving equipment worth 29 billion US$ between 2003 and 2010. Further acquirements with a value of 60 billion US$ are planned —  it will be the biggest arms deal in the history of weapons trading. The purchases include fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, warships, and missiles.

The UAE have signed a deal worth 36 billion US$ to buy 100 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile interceptors and 80 F-16 jet fighters. Oman plans to spend 18 billion US$ on F-16C/D jets. Kuwait 7 billion on various arms and upgrades to its Raytheon Patriot missile defense systems.

The six Gulf monarchies plus Jordan are set to spend an estimated 68 billion US$ on weapons in 2011, a figure that is expected to rise continuously in the following years reaching 80 billion by 2015.

Past Christmas the USA and the Gulf monarchies announced a plan for arms sales over the next year worth 123 billion US$.

Israel doesn’t have to worry that these weapons will ever be used against the IDF. There are fail-safes incorporated, for instance advanced sensors and software on the new Saudi F-15s to prevent them being used against Israeli airplanes. Israel will of course also receive 100 F-35, at a considerable discount and earlier than anybody else. The first 20 F-35As are expected to be delivered by 2016.

If only Syria would also switch to US weapons….