March 9, 2008

In the 60s I was a dedicated follower of the Beatles and I’m still fond of them, though my musical taste has developed and changed over the years. “Yesterday” is a nice tune though the lyrics would need an actualization because things are different now and money is more important than anything else. Here is my suggestion for an update:


Yesterday (Free Market Version) MATO 05/05/2004

Yesterday, all my business ventures were OK
Now I finally have the bill’s to pay
I’m broke, my world looks pale and grey

Suddenly, sales are down from what they used to be
All my plans look now like fantasy
My bancruptcy came suddenly

Why it had to go this way – I still don’t know
I did something wrong, now I long for yesterday

Yesterday, fame and fortune seemed not far away
Now I’ve lost, I only hope and pray
That they don’t take everything away


Copyright by Wolfgang Masarié

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