Advertising Happiness

August 14, 2010

This is from a collection of song lyrics, that I wrote some
years ago. The texts are not great pieces of poetry and some
of the lyrics are a bit dull, but I will nevertheless publish
them one by one, maybe somebody likes them.

The following text was written four years ago and its
predictions came true in the mean time. Many of us have
to reduce spending and apply a “New Frugality”.

Advertising happiness
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Fancy gadgets, silly, useless
Shopping, buying in excess

Is it true or is it fake
How much money can you make
Is it worth the risk to take
Spending, wasting till you break

All your peers show indignation
That you still resist temptation
For a far away vacation
Though your debts would help the nation

It’s your duty to consume
The economy shall boom
You’ll be bust and full of gloom
Lonely in an empty room

Nobody around will care
In your hour of despair
Live’s a bad dream, a nightmare
Evil, ruthless and unfair

And the rich are not embarrassed
‘Bout the wealth that they have harnessed
No complains, no strikes or unrest
We are living in the Free West

MATO 17 09 2006

One comment

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