Brother, You Are My Foe

December 31, 2010

These are the lyrics of a song, that I recorded in 2000, just at the start of the millennium. Nothing changed since then, except that the competition became even more fierce and the rat race speeded up. Is this the sprint into the final stretch or is everybody running for the exit? Never mind, log on to Facebook and the world is okay again.

Brother, You Are My Foe

Regarding my friends, I have to concede
At the end of the line, we have to compete
My business, my mission will never succeed
If I don’t bluff and fool and deceive and mislead

Regarding my friends, I know that they know
Cordiality, politeness are nothing but show
And our mutual respect is appalling low
There is no chance that trust can ever grow

Regarding my friends, I have to confess
That my human relations are a terrible mess
Just ignore the problems, ignore the distress
To be true and open is harmfull and useless

Regarding my friends, I am aware
Tolerance, understanding are very rare
I never found anyone, who wanted to share
I never found anyone, who seemed to care

Regarding my friends, I have to concede
That our driving force is envy and greed
It is common practice to lie and cheat
Be ruthless and mean, and you will make it

 Mato 27/03/00

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