No Child Left Behind

January 3, 2011

Though we live in a nearly perfect society
Same TV series have a certain notoriety
Don’t talk about sex, it confuses the young
Because they don’t know, that sex is wrong

We adults, we know, that no sex is best
Be abstinent, give the hormones a rest
She’ll not miss anything, she just has to wait
Till marriage, when she’s found the perfect mate

Abortion is bad, we all have agreed
Though 6 billion people are tough to feed
Sometimes she doesn’t have right conditions
Sometimes she must make less worse decisions

She is raising her child in poverty
Without family, without security
A child left behind, left without any means
Despite halfhearted government schemes

Another slave man who has no skills
And his wage will hardly pay his bills
Or an army conscript to pay his toll
As cannon fodder in the war for oil
Or a street gang member, heavily addicted
Chased, persecuted and finally convicted
Never to recover from this final blow
Relapsing, maybe ending on death row

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