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February 3, 2011

My wife said, that I shall not always be so negative in my blog, and to counter this criticism I want to post song lyrics that I wrote in 1999. I consider them to be hopeful and uplifting. It is not great poetry, it is just playing with words. These verses are meant as a vehicle to convey my state of mind, not more, not less.

Words are the dominant patterns in our brain and they allow us logical thinking, analysis, planning. In this respect, any kind of poetry not only transports the message of the author, but also tells us about his way of thinking and illustrates the working of our brain in general.

As I sift through the lyrics of such divers songwriters as Jay-Z, Phil Ochs, Marilyn Bergman and Sting, I get an idea about the richness of human emotions and the complexity of our thinking. Reading these song texts tells me even more about the functioning or our brain than the latest discoveries in the research laboratories and I come to the conclusion, that reading and writing lyrics and poetry should be a vital part of neuroscience.

l’ll Call You Angel

l’ll call you angel, and I know that you will lend your hand
You’ll guide me to a place where I am able to withstand
The dark storms of destruction, and the waves of pain
The lightning and the thunder, and the drenching rain

I’ll call you angel, and I know that you will help decide
If things are really like they look from far and at first sight
If I should stay away and wait, or make a stand and fight
You’ll listen to my plans and tell me if I got it right

I’ll call you angel, and I know that you will ease my mind
When parts don’t fit together and no reason is to find
When I’m confused or people are coldhearted and unkind
When everything goes wrong and careful drafted plans unwind

I’ll call you angel, and I know you will bring me to sleep
When I am resting tired on a path endless and steep
You’ll tell me what I shall abandon and what I can keep
You’ll warm me with your love that is unlimited and deep

MATO  December 7 1999

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  1. thnx bro


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