February 3, 2011

I found on my hard disk a few more old text files that were either meant as song lyrics or musings about issues that occupied me at that time. I’ll publish them one by one to make this blog more diverse and colorful.


Across seven sees
The wisdom of peace
Avoids strife and worries
With calmness and ease
Insight and expertise
Persuades enemies

In a world without love
The profits of the
Military Industrial Complex
Trump humanity anytime
The visions and dreams
Of pure and honest people
Are shattered to pieces
On the stone walls of reality

Absurdity of war
Denying an error
The soldiers deplore
Penetrate the armor
Ignore the horror
And never restore
Like it was before

Politicians are lying
Cheating and denying
The drones start flying
The children are dying
The mothers are crying
Corporations are prying
Consumers are buying

Do you hear the guns?
Do you hear the bomb explosions?

People lie in the street
In pain and agony — bleeding to death!

Methodic elimination
Systematic liquidation
Skillful extermination
Creative devastation
Competent obliteration
Brilliant annihilation

How can I sleep, when war is raging?

Nightmares of carnage
Pictures of destruction
Phantasms of slaughter
Visions of genocide

MATO  Nov 17, 2005

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