Inside – Outside

February 23, 2011

Another old text file that I found on my hard disks and another example, how perceptions can change over time. I wrote the following verses in just a few minutes and initially thought, that they were great. The next day though they appeared to me as gawky and awkward, and I categorized them as another amateurish attempt of songwriting that I better should not show to anybody.

So I buried the textile in a folder deep down in the directory structure of my hard disk. This folder has the title “Some bad rhymes from MATO” and it contains various unsuccessful songwriting attempts that I made in the course of the last ten years. Most of the lyrics that I published here on this blog are from this folder. Occasionally I open the folder and read the files and find one that has some potential and with a few tweaks here and there it becomes admissible — or at least tolerable and bearable. I hope, you find it bearable too!

Inside – Outside

A friendly sun shines on my empty bed
The weather’s nice, yet I’m depressed and sad
No joy here in this grey and lonely place
No laughter fills the dark and empty space

Its warm and friendly, fresh and bright outside
Its cold inside, but I am weak, I lost my pride
I close all curtains, I can’t face the outside
I lock the door, I’m scared and I just want to hide

And when you visit, bring some things to fill the empty space
Maybe some flowers, to make this a friendlier place
And when you leave, please leave these things behind
You shouldn’t leave, I couldn’t bear it, I would lose my mind

Open all curtains, let the sunlight flow inside
Please take my hand, unlock the door, open it wide
To have a silent walk, hand in hand outside
And then make love, warming each other, inside

Mato  February 10th 2002

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