Full Disclosure

March 8, 2011

After 102 postings it is time to reveal the purpose of this blog, the intentions of the author, and the philosophy behind this blog project.

At present I’m the only author and that is a serious shortcoming for two reasons:

First: it would be a big advantage to have somebody to correct or amend the analyses and conclusions in the blog posts and it would be undoubtedly helpful to view certain issues from differing angles.

Second: one main theme of the blog is gender inequality and feminism. I am male and therefore don’t have the authority and legitimacy to discuss this subject in depth and in all its bearings.

To all female visitor of this blog: please help, any contribution is appreciated!


The main themes of this blog formulated both in negative and positive terms:

– Weapons, war, violence
+ Disarmament, peace, pacifism

– Consumerism, Capitalism, Globalization
+ Simple living, social responsibility, small-scale economy

– Gender inequality, abuse and violence against women
+ Feminism, support for and empowerment of women

– Environmental destruction, mass extinction, depletion of resources
+ Nature conservation, protection of animals, lifestyle change

– Gloomy prognoses, doomsday scenarios, nightmares
+ Bold plans, uncommon ideas, crazy visions, thinking “out of the box”

– Information overflow, TV-brainwashing, spiritual emptiness
+ Meditation, music and art in general, cats


A few informations about me:

I’m a music teacher and due to tenure and seniority financially independent. I started as a journalist (Arbeiterzeitung Wien) before I studied on the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Twenty years ago I was an environmental activist and published for 6 years an environmental magazine “Umweltschutz Nachrichten” (in German).

The mentioned environmental publication started with some small copied leaflets but it grew constantly and had in the last year of its existence some 2600 subscribers. I only gave it up because the workload was too much and I was burned out.

The purpose of this website:

This blog is not a news aggregator though sometimes it will refer to news events as a starting point for general considerations.

There are many dangerous developments that could make life very uncomfortable for future generations (and even inconvenience myself in my remaining years). I try to describe the dangers and present my remedies here. Most of the texts will include a harsh criticism of the ruling class (politicians, bankers, CEOs, generals, millionaires, billionaires) and their minions.

If authorities takes notice of my writings (using data mining and computerized sentiment analysis), it could well be, that some of my recommendations, ideas, and visions will be earmarked as subversive or inflammatory. As long as free speech is allowed I will nevertheless use plain and simple words. It could be necessary though that one day I have to switch to more ambiguous and cryptic messages.

Future plans:

I hope to find co-authors (especially female authors).

The website has between 20 and 40 visitor a day and I hope that traffic will increase over time. I didn’t promote the blog until now, because I was busy writing and wanted to create a pool of textiles first. With 102 blog entries the archive is big enough to take a step back and reassess the situation. I will occasionally repost updated and improved versions of old texts. I also intend to reorganize and sort the archived posts into more categories for easier access (if I ever have left time for this task).

I didn’t use pictures until now because I fear that graphic files will slow down the loading of the page. I intend to use pictures sometimes in future posts.

This blog will never ask for donations.

Please contact me via a comment or via Facebook (search for “Wolfgang Masarie”). I’m not fond of Facebook but as a hub and portal to the blog it is useful


  1. Dear Mato.

    Thank you for linking to my article about NATO set for war on Syria threatens Iran. The Russian Dilemma and the Possible “Joker”.


    I see that you are looking for contributors to your blog, preferably female. I can´t help with the last aspect, but 29+ years experience as political advisor on highest levels can maybe compensate for my gender flaw ? below is a mini CV published at the 4th media for your convenience.


    The reason why I invite you to publish my articles is simple. I liked your introduction over the link to my article and others.

    You are perfectly right, philosophically spoken “objective” journalism is impossible. Neither is “independent” journalism. 2010 the pentagon made heavy investments into the BBC. Remember the Pentagon´s “Message Force Multiplier” campaign, providing media “experts” with talking points during the Iraq War.

    Anyone who is above the age of 25 and has not yet discovered the deep rooted ties between all main stream media in all countries and intelligence services has not understood the most basic principles of understanding media content.

    Yes, my articles, and articles on nsnbc are biased. They are biased towards peace rather than war, towards a peace economy rather than a military industrial complex, towards humanism rather than politically partisan human rights organizations, towards global peace in self determination rather than globalism. In fact, I am proud to say that my articles are strongly biased by these values, and that I am pulling my share of social engineering for them.

    When that is said, there is quite a lot of hard evidence in them too.
    Have you seen any other media that published the classified US Special Forces Training Circular 18-01 , that explicitly describes the criminal and homicidal nature of US-Foreign Policy ? A link to a full and downloadable PDF version is published below the following article:


    Or the information from a Palestinian Intelligence Source in Turkey, that both confirmed that 40.000 foreign fighters are massed in a military staging area in Jordan, waiting for the go to spread a campaign of “terror” on the 26th of February, leading to a military invasion of Syria no later than 7 March ? You see, no main stream media will report these facts – that is why I time and time again publish things before they become NEWS. I´m proud to say, that I will continue to do so, until I am arrested under the NDAA or similar facist law.

    Until then, please feel welcome to republish any of my own articles on nsnbc, signed Dr. Christof Lehmann on your blog, to help you reflect on “another angle” and for making sense of a very complicated world. in deed. Just remember to provide a proper link back to the source, reference, and similar normal courtesies.

    Warm regards
    Dr. Christof Lehmann


  2. Greetings,

    I am managing e-promotion for the new novel, Nine Inch Bride, literary fiction set in the near future in which a uniquely talented revolutionary pairs up with a fallen Wall Street analyst to fuel a bonfire of American political culture.

    We admire and thank you for Mato’s Blog and invite you to download a complimentary copy in pre-publication release at nineinchbride.com. Short and long book descriptions, excerpts, reviews and comments are also available there, along with book downloads in your choice of format.

    We’d appreciate a review or comment on your site or ours.


    James Lesni
    Web Manager


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