New business opportunities

March 17, 2011

We live in exiting times and we live in a constant changing environment. This means that new business opportunities emerge every day for the truly creative and innovative entrepreneur who is on top of the game and who is able to take the chances as they come. Things are changing at an increasingly fast pace and only the ones who are alert and always on guard will succeed, the procrastinators will lose out.

In the wake of the latest news we present the following proposals for new business ventures:

Creating a “certified low radioactivity” brand of food to be sold in supermarkets right beside the organic food.

New advertising campaigns for double-fortified (iodized) salt. Also breads and crackers, desserts and snacks, cheeses and many other kinds of manufactured food will benefit from advertising its high amount of iodized salt.

Offering new car models with special lead shielding.

Offering new lines of garments with incorporated radiation shielding. Lead aprons and lead gloves are already available but until now not widely used and only available in special shops.

Offering special “Low Radioactivity” menus and “High Iodine” menus in restaurants.

Setting up factories in Antarctica or at alpine glaciers to harvest radioactivity free water for food and drink manufacturers.

Creating new varieties of bottled water from “1000 year old glacier ice” or “Antarctica ice”.

Geiger counters are sold out in most countries and it is for sure a good move to increase production and also develop new models. For instance a “Volks-Geiger counter” which does not have all the bells and whistles of advanced models but nevertheless allows accurate measurements, that show which food is safe to eat and when it is appropriate to leave the house. Such a Volk-Geiger counter could be sold in big numbers at a reasonable price.

Offering Geiger kits for electronic hobbyists in stores like RadioShack or Maplin Electronics.

Developing and selling Geiger counter add-ons for iPods, iPads, and iPhones, special edition cell phones with integrated Geiger counters, and USB-Geiger counters for universal use with laptops.

Selling weather stations which include a Geiger counter in addition to thermometer, barometer and hygrometer.

Offering decontamination toolsets in hardware stores.

Founding specialized companies for refurbishing and decontaminating.

Founding educational institutions which offer training for “certified decontamination experts” and courses for “Low Radioactivity Live Style” counselors.

Launching a new weekly “Nuclear Times” in both online and print editions.

Launching a “Weather and Radioactivity Channel”.

Launching a new entertainment company under the motto: “Better Radioactive Than Radiopassive”.
Or alternatively: “Carefree, Scare-free Radioactivity”.

Offering online courses and tutorials:

How to choose and cook low radioactive food
The low fallout tourist
How to use a Geiger counter
Coping with thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukemia

Writing self help books with the following tittles:

Living with Radioactivity for Dummies
How to Live Carefree with Radioactivity
All About Radioactivity in 30 Minutes
Low Radioactive Diet
The Low Radioactivity Cook Book
Thyroid Cancer for Dummies
Pro-active, not Radioactive
Geiger-Counters for Dummies
Build Your Own Geiger Counter
Home Improvement and Decontamination
The Decontamination Primer
Radioactive – So What?
Carefree (Radio)activity


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