August 23, 2011

Congratulation, you’ve done it again! You’ve bombed another county into submission and created another hotbed for radical Islamists. You’ve removed another hinderance to the exploitation of Africa’s resources. You have sent a message to all of us, that is loud and clear.

You told us:

We don’t care about people, we don’t care about nature, we care about nothing than our profits.

We don’t care about the future and we enjoy our power right now.

We will destroy the world as we see fit and you pitiful poor little wretch cannot stop us!


By some estimates the USA has spent nearly eight trillion US$ for military infrastructure, weapons, and wars in one decade.

5.9 trillion US$ for the Pentagon’s base budget since 2000.

1.36 trillion US$ for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

636 million US$ for “Homeland Security”.


The USA with 4.4 percent of the worlds population uses a quarter of the worlds resources (in some areas up to 30 percent).

The Americans have to exploit the worlds resources, because otherwise they couldn’t afford their gigantic military machine.

The Americans need their gigantic military machine because otherwise they would not be able to exploit the worlds resources.

Who or what could contradict this striking logic?


When you have a menacing gigantic monster in your back, you will look for holes and caves, where you can hide, you will look for sticks and stones that you can throw in the monsters way to bring it to fall, you will look for gaps in the armor of the monster, where you can insert your tiny little spear, you will look for a bog, a mire, where you could lure the monster to sink and drown there or for a jungle, a maze, where it could get entangled in creepers and shrubbery.

You will run for your life or crouch in your hideout, waiting for your tiny chance. You never will fight the monster head-on, this would be suicide. Ho Chi Minh knew that.

Maybe you don’t fight and avoid the menacing gigantic monster altogether? But that is difficult when the monster destroys all your food and goes on to burn the forests and to poison the rivers and lakes with its fiery breath. You will have to think very hard and find creative solutions!

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