How to wreck a society {1}

August 25, 2011

If I wanted to destroy a country, create complete chaos and convert this country into a failed state, I would know now how to proceed because it was just demonstrated successfully that it can be easily done.

First I would distribute to all the young unemployed men, to all the members of the city gangs, to all the trouble makers assault weapons and also some heavy machine guns and pickup trucks and I would provide them with a basic training how to use these killing tools.

I would then bomb the headquarters and the stations of the police and other security forces, the universities and the TV stations and important government buildings.

After the government institutions had broken down a state of lawlessness would emanate and I would have to say, that there had been no institutions in the first place.

(In the case of the USA I could for instance easily argue, that after two decades of deregulation and funding cuts by both the Democrats and the Republicans many institutions have been hollowed out and become empty shells and are not able anymore to protect the citizens from usury, racketing, and profiteering or defend the social contract from being broken by a clique of reckless and corrupt parvenus.)

I would have to say, that there had been no institutions in the first place, to deflect criticism and counter possible allegations that my bombing campaign had caused the emerging misery and the suffering of the population.

The heavily armed young men would go on a rampage and lute stores and warehouses and also the weapons depots of the destroyed police and security forces. They would take what they could carry and what was presumably useful for them and they would destroy the rest.

They would also free their fellow gang members and all other criminals from the prisons to join their rampage.

After an initial euphoria about the fall of the state and their free ride the heavily armed young men would start to quarrel about the loot and the control of their gang territories and they would turn on themselves. The ensuing battles would kill many of them but even more uninvolved bystanders, especially elderly, women and children.

I have to stop with my tale at this point because my cats are just gathering in the kitchen and want to eat and after that we will probably all together make a walk in the forest.

Don’t worry, this is not the end of the story. A sequel will follow soon and it will be breathtakingly dramatic!

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