A short notice about BDS

January 10, 2012

I wrote already several times, that I avoid buying Israeli and US goods because I don’t want to support the war crimes against the Palestinians. I also wrote several blog post about this issue, for instance: Am I an Anti-Semite now?

There is a new book out with the title: Targeting Israeli Apartheid (A Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Handbook) http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=4103

This book is indeed the most useful source for information about Israel’s economic ties with the West and also about the economic exploitation (hand in hand with the ecological destruction) of the occupied territories. The activists who researched and compiled this information deserve our admiration, encouragement and also financial support to continue with their work!

The book shows clearly that Israel in its present state and with the present social and economic structures cannot afford to end the occupation and also cannot afford to justly share the resources of the region with the Palestinian people because the Jewish economy depends on the resources from the occupied territories.

The Jewish leaders know that of course and they had at no time any intention to make peace with the Palestinians and let a two state solution happen. Peace talks were never more than a charade and a pitiful spectacle for the naive and daft. It is very clear that Israel’s diplomacy is based on the assumption that all gentiles (non-Jewish persons) are idiots.

Realizing this is sobering and the available options for peace are very limited indeed yet the book shows that Israel’s economy is vulnerable and a concerted effort can bring it down. This is the only viable way to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict.


New figures show that Israeli settlement building in the occupied West Bank has reached record levels. According to the Israeli activist group Peace Now, settlement building rose 20 percent last year, with construction starts on thousands of new homes.


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