News from the alternative media universe

February 23, 2012

The media campaign for war against Syria is progressing as expected. Here are some information bits from the alternative media universe. Caution:

From a practical point of view: These reports are probably biased and partisan — or to put it in a positive light: Committed to a cause and caring about the outcome.

From a philosophical point of view: There is no unbiased and non-partisan (fair and balanced) reporting possible. Every journalist has her or his conviction and value system, every journalist has her or his personal agenda.

From a cynical point of view: These reports are most likely biased and partisan, while the concerted mainstream media campaigns for war (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria) always were and still are honest and truthful.

Advice for “true non-believers”: Read between the lines, make up your mind by yourself, don’t forget to check your memory about past media campaigns.














News about Libya:




Israeli news agencies seem to be the most reliable news sources (which is logical, because they have with Mossad the most capable intelligence service at hand). Russian news agencies follow in second place. Arabic media sources and bloggers are most times exaggerating or overly enthusiastic.

Western agencies are the worst, but they know how to twist and turn the facts and how to build illusions and write good fiction. This is the craftsmanship of Hollywood, honed in a century of film making = dream making, or to say it more candid: Honed in a century of propaganda. This is the craftsmanship of Hollywood, brought to good use for the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) and Wall Street. The American Dream is alive, at least on the movie theater screens, the TV screens, and the computer screens.

So we could all dream on happily ever after and be assured, that US policy makers take bold steps to get crude oil and essential minerals as cheap as possible so that we can enjoy our car rides and air travels and all the other pleasures of Western consumer society.

We could all dream on happily (at least for a few years until the inevitable ecological collapse), but unfortunately there is one snag: This could become immensely dangerous. This could become a confrontation between NATO and Russia, as dangerous as the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. This could become the slow start of WW III. Maybe WW III has already begun.

I desperately hope, that I am exaggerating as well.

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