Cindy Sheehan’s Mother’s Day message

May 13, 2012

This is from Cindy Sheehan’s Soap Box:

This weekend as we celebrate mothers, it’s important to remember that there are mothers all over the world who are in pain because of war and economic oppression. It’s also important to remember that Julia Ward suggested this holiday way back in 1870 for peace through her Mother’s Day Proclamation. 

For me, it’s distressing that “liberals” are gleeful over the fact that the president is personally in favor of same-sex marriage (although it doesn’t actually change a thing, except he received one million campaign dollars within an hour) while not protesting either in word or deed Obama’s drone program and war in Afghanistan.

I am hoping that the NATO protests (remember NATO is just an euphemism for US Imperialism) in Democrat Rahm Emanuels’ Chicago next week (I will be there) are large and non-partisan; but, in fact, the largest coalition to protest at the DNC has changed its name so as not to appear its protesting the Democrats so as not to offend anybody.

I have been blessed with three wonderful surviving children and now four grand babies and I can be secure that even though a drone overhead may be spying on me, it isn’t equipped with hellfire missiles. It’s safe to say that every mother in the U.S. will be safe from having their home raided at night by the US military and having their children slaughtered while they sleep.

I don’t know what to do anymore. Why aren’t we out in the streets in droves protesting the Drone Bomber and his wars? Why do we worship his words and not protest his deeds? Where are the large war protests during the Vietnam or even Bush eras? Even though Mother’s Day is not a happy day for me, I try to put myself in the sandals of a woman in Afghanistan, Gaza, Pakistan, or some other hot zone — and when I look across the miles at the US, I wonder why no one cares about me and my family.

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