A very special relationship

June 8, 2012

I did not write about “useful idiots” until now and I am still not sure if the characterization of cooperating villains as “useful idiots” is indeed appropriate.

45 years ago Israel attacked Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, conquering East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Stripe, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula.

Israel was very successful in 1967, but was not able to subdue all neighboring countries and completely dominate the region. Syria and Lebanon are still resisting Israeli domination, Syria also still claims the Golan Heights, which are the most valuable water resources in the region.

The USA was then and is now Israel’s dutiful stalwart, doing Israel’s business and sparing no expense.

Right now the task is to destroy Syria, weakening Iran and destabilizing Lebanon in the process too. Iran and Syria are obstacles to Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine and to the annexation of the Golan Heights, Lebanon’s Hezbollah is a hinderance to achieve control over Lebanon’s water resources.

James Rubin, US assistant secretary of state under Bill Clinton, claimed this week, that an US intervention in Syria would be a “risk worth taking” because Iran “would no longer have a Mediterranean foothold from which to threaten Israel and destabilize the region”.

US Senator Marco Rubio writes in the Wall Street Journal: … the USA should “establish safe zones in Turkey and, eventually, in parts of Syria.” “…the US should make clear that we stand ready to step in and fill key gaps between the rebels’ military needs and our allies’ capabilities.”

Alan Hart published an excellent article on Debbie Menon’s My Catbird Seat (http://mycatbirdseat.com) which reveals interesting aspects of the special relation between USA and Israel.

The article is about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, which killed 34 of its crew and wounded 174. The attack was declared a mistake and downplayed in mainstream media.

I don’t repost the article here and only provide the link. Debbie Menon’s site anyway is worth a visit.


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