Sowing the seeds of doubt

November 5, 2012

The scriptures are interesting to read. I frequently take them from the shelf and read carefully page after page. I turn the pages slowly. Some pages I have to read repeatedly to understand the meaning of the text. It takes a genius to encode the thoughts inside a human brain into a line of words and to make it possible for the reader to decode this line of words and convert the text on the pages back into thoughts. 

The scriptures were written by wise men. They were written by great teachers and prophets who knew how to encode their thoughts into a text. Not only knew they how to compose a text, they also were able to encrypt their messages, so that the true meaning could only be understood by honest, loving, and caring people. The thugs and idiots, the tyrants and oppressors, the warmongers, the hypocrites, the desperadoes, the bloodsuckers and parasites, they will never understand the meaning of the scriptures.

The true meaning is between the lines.

Once, as I slowly and carefully turned the pages, I discovered some tiny seeds hidden in the folds. One could hardly see them and only a person who had advanced to the later chapters of the scriptures and who read every page carefully, would find them. I knew instantly that this were the magical seeds of doubt. I had heard rumors about these seeds but I never would have expected to find them here in the scriptures.

I took the seeds and after midnight I went to the place, where I lived many years ago and planted the seeds in the garden there.

This garden once was my pride and my refuge from the world. I had planted apple trees, peach trees, pear trees, berry bushes, and all kind of vegetables. But the oligarchs took the garden away from me. They showed a paper to me and my neighbors that they had bought all the land and that we had to go. We were evicted and had to seek refuge in the woods, living there in cages and tiny shacks.

The oligarchs tore down our modest houses and replaced them with luxurious palaces. They didn’t care much about the gardens but they had their minions and bootlickers, who kept the gardens clean and tore out the weeds.

That is why I had to tiptoe in the deepest night to my old beloved garden as I planted the seeds of doubt. I chose the hidden and yet sunny places, the places where I knew from my experience, that the plants would prosper. I knew that I would have to wait for a long time to see the plants of doubt come out and reach for the sunlight with their little leaves. I would have to wait even longer to see these plants become bushes of doubt. One has to be patient because the bushes of doubt grow slowly.

When the minions and bootlickers discovered the bushes of doubt, they tried to tear them out, but the bushes of doubt have strong and deep roots and the minions failed and had to call their masters and tell them about this strange and resistant new weed. The oligarchs tried to tear out the bushes with heavy hands but the bushes of doubt have sharp thorns and the oligarchs hurt themselves and had to retreat with bloodied hands.

The oligarchs put on their iron gloves and they were able to rip off most branches but they were not able to tear out the roots. The bushes grew again and they had already spread their seeds and new bushes emerged everywhere, not only in the garden that was once mine, but also in all the surrounding gardens. 

When the oligarchs looked through the windows of their palaces into the gardens, they saw the bushes of doubt growing everywhere between the trees and the other plants and also on the plain lawns. The lawns indeed started to look like a native prairie. The oligarchs were horrified and they ordered bulldozers to come. They ordered Caterpillar D9 armed bulldozers, the same type that is used to tear down Palestinian homes and schools. They ordered bulldozers like they are used to level the shantytowns around African and Indian cities. Bulldozers like they are used to destroy the rain forests in Brazil, Ecuador, and Indonesia.

The bulldozers did a terrific job. They uprooted not only the bushes of doubt, but also the fruit trees and the berry bushes and the vegetable beds and all other plants in the gardens. When the engines stopped, there was nothing green left, there were only stones and sand. There were no gardens anymore, there was only a moonscape.

But the bushes of doubt are tough. They survived in inaccessible places between stones and in remote corners and along the walls of the palaces. The bushes of doubt grew again and they grew even better because no other plants competed with them and the bushes didn’t have to share the sun light and the rain and the minerals in the sand.

It was very fortunate, that the bushes of doubt grew again and repopulated the devastated gardens, because they were the only food source left. The displaced people in the wood had discovered long time ago, that these bushes developed tiny fruits which could be eaten. One has to be very careful to reach the fruits and pluck them, because the sharp thorns are protecting the fruits. One needs patience and a pure heart, only honest and loving and caring people can pluck the fruits of doubt. So the forest people went out in the middle of the night and sneaked into the destroyed gardens and they plucked the fruits of doubt in the pale light of the moon and the stars.

The fruits of doubt are not delicious. They are bitter, but they contain everything what a decent human being needs to survive. The oligarchs could not harvest the fruits of doubt, they tried it with their iron gloves, they ordered the big harvesting machines to come, but it was to no avail.

As there were no fruit trees and no vegetable beds and no other plants left, the oligarchs were slowly running out of food. The farm animals had to be slaughtered because there was no feed for them available and the carcasses were traded at fire-sale prices. For a few weeks meat was plentiful and cheap, but after that the stores and markets ran empty. The oligarchs opened their safes and they took out bundles of banknotes and they tried to buy food but there was no food on the markets because all the plants in all the gardens had been destroyed by the bulldozers and all the farm animals were now gone too. 

The oligarchs looked into their safes again and they fetched more bundles of banknotes and they also took out the jewelry and the gold bullion bars. They drove around and visited every market and when they didn’t find even the smallest amount of food there they became hungry and desperate and delusional and disoriented and they drove into the desert. They waved with their bundles of banknotes and they chewed the banknotes and swallowed the diamonds and pearls and they did bite into the gold bullion bars.

And they perished in the desert.

The forest people were observing all this from the distance. They had watched in amazement and when they realized, that the oligarchs were gone they came out and they are squatting now in the palaces of the dead oligarchs and they repossess the palaces and gardens.

They will cultivate the gardens again and plant new fruit trees, blackberry bushes, blueberry bushes, and raspberry bushes. They will grow strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, and various herbs for tee and cooking. It will take some years till the devastation caused by the bulldozers is undone and the gardens are restored to their former glory, but then the gardeners and peasants will have an easy and peaceful life for many generations.

Eventually a new class of oligarchs will emerge. Ruthless, shameless, heartless men, bloodsuckers and parasites who acquire great wealth by tricking, deceiving, stealing and robbing their fellow human beings. History will repeat itself with some slight variations.

I will be gone and forgotten then. I will be dust and there will be no trace left of me — it will be, as if I had never existed. But I have put back some seeds of doubt into the scriptures, just in case. One day they will be found by someone who like me reads the scriptures carefully.

One day the seeds of doubt will become useful again.


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