From a birds view

December 26, 2012

Here are the first preliminary studies of the graphs that I promised in an earlier blog. In my imagination it seemed so easy but when I started drawing I realized that a two-dimensional visual presentation cannot adequately show all interdependencies of a complex nonlinear dynamical system.

The graphs make no distinction between factors and conditions (which could be done by using different colors) and they don’t weigh the importance (which could be done by text size). I didn’t attempt to use color and size as additional information because without serious scientific research there is no possibility to gauge or even estimate the importance of the various factors and the gravity of the conditions.

Drawing lines as representation of connections/dependencies is also a crude simplification because factors can add up or multiply and they of course typically will be nonlinear. Each connection would have to be represented by a complex mathematical equation, but this is beyond my pay grade and I have to stick to the intuitive approach.

The title of this post by the way also emerged intuitively. I suddenly had the picture of a bird in my head who was flying high up in the sky looking down at the human induced carnage, trying to make sense of what is going on at the ground, and wondering if he/she should return back to earth.

Drones, balloons, and spy satellites can watch the ground from much higher altitudes than a bird and they can produce thousands of highly detailed pictures, but the drone operators and CIA analysts will interpret the material in a very different way than the lonely bird of my imagination.

I will continue working on the graphs but I publish these studies because maybe someone can help or propose amendments and corrections.

From a birds view 1

From a birds view 2

Three older graphs that also would need additional work.

Flow Chart Diagram Present Situation

Flow Chart Diagram Future Situation

Flow Chart Diagram A Vision

This is a corrected graph of the blog post A short guide for non-believers. Nobody complained though this post was viewed a few hundred times.

8 A short guide for non-believers b

Please correct, judge, criticize, complain, disapprove, and whatever you feel inclined to do. Any kind of feedback is welcome.

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