Christopher Dorner manhunt ends

February 13, 2013

It seems that the biggest US police manhunt in decades has ended as Christopher Dorner made a bloody final stand in a mountain cabin outside LA.

Hundreds of officers backed by helicopters and military equipment watched the cabin burn, the flames illuminating the night, after a siege that claimed the life of one deputy sheriff and wounded another.

Dorner had barricaded himself inside the unoccupied cabin after a shootout and a chase by car and foot. Hundreds of shots were fired in the ensuing siege. The blaze began soon after teargas was fired into and around the cabin. During a pause in shooting a single gunshot from inside the cabin was heard.

Police expect to recover Dorners body from the smoldering ruin of the cabin that was too hot to immediately be entered after the blaze turned the fugitive’s refuge into a likely pyre.


Fellow blogger Nina Westbury commented on her blog http://crimsonsatellite.wordpress.com/ to a remark from me and I want to add it here as another opinion worth to discuss: 

Hi mato,

I certainly am opposed to any form of murder. While no evidence has been presented proving that Dorner has killed anyone, if he is responsible for these crimes he is to be condemned in the strongest terms.

Dorner declared war on the LAPD, but the LAPD and all urban police departments are already at war with poor and minority neighborhoods — and the conflict has claimed countless innocent lives, not only those gunned down in cold blood but those who have had their lives ruined by being sent to jail for ‘crimes’ like marijuana possession. For a police officer, any minority youth could be an “enemy combatant” — just like President Obama deems any male of military age a “militant” worthy of death by drone.

Police officers are murderous agents of the capitalist state. But this situation is lose-lose for everyone involved.

Because of the campaigns of harassment, bigotry, murder, and abuse carried out by these police departments, I can understand why many poor people and minorities have come to view Dorner as a folk hero with a noble cause.

Dorner’s manifesto is clearly the work of a person who suffers from deep depression, but it is not “crazed” or “psychotic” as the corporate media oft repeats — it is logical and concise. While I’m sure some points are embellished, I believe the essence of his story because it is not unusual. Police prey on 14 year olds and senior citizens, so kicking a schizophrenic man who has already surrendered is not out of the ordinary for the LAPD or other departments.

And looking at the casualties of Dorner’s declared war, it’s the LAPD that has shot more people — two Latina women and a black man, the only crime they committed being driving while dark-skinned. The officers involved in shooting those innocent people have not been held accountable for their acts nor will they be.

In an ideal society, not only would Dorner receive treatment but his claims of police corruption and brutality would be treated with the utmost seriousness and investigated to the fullest extent.



  1. Hello again,

    And you believe this hollywood story?

    Hum, reminds me of the binladen story — body dumped into the sea, no identification confirmation, other than the phony “dna matching” identification. how did they have his original dna to make the match? dna identification does not take an hour, or even hours, yet they had it immediately. such will be the likely case in this latest hollywood blockbuster.

    do you understand why i said in my comments of your previous post that i’m trying to not take this personally?

    it’s a joke on the citizens.
    but it’s anything but funny.

    Warm regards,


    • You are completely right that we cannot take anything for granted what mass media is reporting. News reporting is, as I wrote many times before, propaganda, indoctrination, conditioning, mind control, misinformation, deception, lying.

      And as I wrote many times before, the limitation of our sensory organs and of our brain let us get only a limited and distorted view out of the small window of our senses onto the reality around us.

      I consider it nevertheless necessary to rearrange the puzzle pieces of information into a picture, to interpolate, compensate, offset, and equalize, to guess and speculate, to develop theories that are able to logically integrate the incoming informations, which are most times incoherent and contradictory.

      I consider it necessary because we need to be aware of looming dangers, of developments that could negatively affect us. We need to make predictions because we have to prepare for future changes.

      I was always quite good in predicting, forecasting, guessing and most of the prognosis were correct. When I write my guesses, analysis, and opinions in a blog post they are based on the (often painstakingly) thoughtful consideration, correlation, equation of all the information that I have and they are based on many decades of life experience.

      You are completely right that we are constantly lied to, you are right to be wary, suspicious, distrustful, but don’t throw your hands in the air in resignation, use common sense, logical thinking, and, most important, intuition to look behind the curtain, to be aware of dangers, to prepare for whatever is coming upon us.

      If we are able to decipher the signs we will make the right decisions — this is a matter of survival!


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