Links March 1, 2013

March 1, 2013

They try to take away your last pleasures! Fat, salt, meat, now sugar. Where will this end? (what about sex?)
Food labeling only confuses consumers
About sex: Aids and untreatable gonorrhea are looming

Susan Webber has a point, but don’t confuse optimism with hope (which is considered by some as the most positive force after love)

Stocking up on essentials, reorganizing (streamlining, simplifying, innovating) everything personal, and preparing the garden. It is called “starving the beast.”

Continuing self-flagellation (its ok, but when and how will this approach stop the imperial conquests?)

Poor people (and especially black and brown people) don’t need to be educated. They only cause trouble, if they know too much.

Al long as current imperial conquests (Syria) are not endangered, “The Guardian” allows dissident voices to speak out so it can cater a significant part of its readership who are still able of critical thinking. Why doesn’t Glenn Greenwald write anything about Syria?

If you believe, that egoism, greed, envy, and the inclination to compete are manifestations of human nature and therefore inevitable ingredients of society, please read this

US hospitality

Don’t worry, it is all constitutional (says the US Supreme Court)

Just a demonstration, what has become of the so called “alternative media.” Caution: Do only read if you are not prone to vomiting

Even the most honest publishers occasionally fall into a trap. Global Research posts another useless piece written by another well meaning economist caged into traditional Keynesian thinking. Ellen Brown got it right that most money is created by banks as debt, but she believes in free markets, in permanent growth, she doesn’t question “fiat money”. The main reason, that economists can get away with this drivel is, that they use their special insider terminology. People hear: “quantitative easing”, “discount rate”, “derivatives”, “transaction costs”, time value of money”, etc. and they don’t understand the terms and think that this must be sophisticated and logical.

If one learns the most popular 30 words one will be astonished to find out that this is all complete nonsense, is smoke and mirrors to conceal the pilfering of the ruling class.

Some useful talking points though I don’t agree with the implicit assertion, that the Wests support of Islamic fundamentalism is unintentional

Jordan’s king worries about al-Qaeda in Syria. Why doesn’t he support Assad to defend the Jihadis?

Training the terrorists


Now the fun part, the completely unimportant, insignificant, irrelevant picture documentation of the easy and most times joyful life of Mato’s cat family:

Min Ki bookshelf DSCN2417Who thought, that Princess Min Ki would not be interested in literature? Though she grew up on a farm, she is a clever and knowledgeable cat.

Rosy kitchen table DSCN2391 It is still too cold for outdoor activities, and Rosy is looking for new ways to pass her time.

Gandhi tail DSCN2592 b

Nobody curls his/her tail as artfully as Gandhi.

Sumo sleeping windowsill DSCN2586

There are fortunately enough windowsills to accommodate all cats (Sumo here).

Wendy windowsill DSCN2303

(Wendy here)

Wendy Mia guitars DSCN2572

The windowsills are vacated though when visitors are coming. Mia and Wendy are taking cover, just to be on the safe side.

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