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April 6, 2013

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(And they always tell us, that our beloved cats are killing all the birds.)

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http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/apples-imessage-encryption-too-tough-for-fbi (hint)

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It is getting slowly warmer now and it looks like spring is here. I’m weeding, preparing the vegetable beds, replanting, putting seeds and onions out. It could be a long pause till the next blog post and therefore I write down a few additional comments:

The conflict in Syria was for two years a prominent themes here. I will not write much about Syria anymore because everybody with a brain must have realized now what this conflict really is about.

In a few words: The USA and Israel with the help of NATO allies (Turkey, Britain, France, Germany) and Arab monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan) try to destroy Syria because it is an obstacle to the planned campaign against Iran, because it was the only remaining honest supporter of the Palestinian cause, because it is hindering the acquisition of water resources by Israel (Golan Heights, South Lebanon) and Turkey (dam projects on Euphrates and Tigris), because it is together with Algeria the only secular Arab nation left.

The Obama regime together with NATO allies and Arab potentates has mobilized religious psychos and criminals from all over the world, send them to Syria’s borders, and provided them with basic military training and tons of weapons.

These are the fighters of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and of Al-Nusra Front. They invaded Syria from Turkey, Jordan, and to a smaller part from Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel. They are mad dogs, let loose against the Syrian population. They kill, rape, torture, lute and destroy everything what they find.

The Syrian nation was not prepared for such an insidious and diabolical plot. Syria believed that international laws still exist, that the Geneva Conventions are still valid, that United Nations forums are the appropriate place to settle disputes.

Syria was not prepared but they adapted fast. President Bashar al-Assad democratized the political system, reorganized the army, built civil militias, and installed emergency measures and a war-economy to meet the basic needs of the population.

Until now he has made everything right, he is up to the challenge, he will go down in the annals of history as one of the great leaders who stood up against the evil empire. He will become a symbol of resistance, an icon, a saint, side by side and in the same league as Che Guevara, Patrice Lumumba, Salvador Allende, Mohammad Najibullah, Yasser Arafat, Muammar Gaddafi, and Hugo Chavez.

No matter what the outcome of this battle will be, the imperial plans have already been significantly disturbed by the intelligent strategies and the endurance of Syria.

Thank you, Bashar al-Assad!

Millions of people around the world admire you, hope that you succeed, fear that you will be assassinated by Mossad, CIA, MI6 thugs or suddenly develop an incurable fast spreading cancer.

Thank you to all the courageous, brave Syrians who fight against the mad dogs let loose by the USA, Israel, NATO, and the GCC.

The gigantic military machine of the USA yet will only be stopped for good by a collapse of the international financial system and the ensuing worldwide breakdown of the consumerism based economies.

Only a tiny minority of US-Americans are ashamed of and decry the crimes of the Obama regime. US-Americans know that their luxurious and wasteful lifestyle would not be possible without the imperial conquests. They know that their average consumption of resources, which is  eight to nine times higher than the average consumption of the remaining 95,4 percent of humans, would not be tolerated without US military might and proven ruthlessness.

Most of my blog audience is from the USA. Sorry to be so rude — I’m honest at least. I cannot say it differently, I have to call a spade a spade.

My friends on the other side of the ocean, I understand that you fear the looming economic collapse. Do you feel comfortable that your comfortable life is paid for by the sacrifices of the rest of humanity? Is it right that your lifestyle is paid for by future generations?

Do you care?

I didn’t intend to write this text, it just overcame me, I only wanted to publish the links and some pictures of the cat family. The cats are fine, they have waited long enough for spring and now, that spring finally has arrived they run and jump around in the garden and in the forest or loll in the sun. The following pictures are from last week when they were still confined to the house.

Mia and her wonderful son Gandhi Jr.

1 Gandhi Mia oven DSCN23662 Gandhi Mia sitting room DSCN27693 Gandhi Mia sitting room DSCN2782

Gandhi Jr. is always concerned that I could drown in the shower and therefore I have to leave the sliding doors open a bit so that he can watch me through the gap. Sometimes though he jumps onto the locker beside the shower and surweils me from above.

4 Gandhi bath DSCN2743

Gandhi Jr., the home library cat (I know, we had that already) 

5 Gandhi bookshelf DSCN2210

Gandhi Jr. inappropriately seems to tend to Buddhism instead of Hinduism.  

6 Gandhi Buddha DSCN2120

Gandhi Jr. with his best friend Wendy. They have regular wrestling matches with their self created and strictly obeyed rules. No biting, scratching, or slapping allowed. It is an incredible show, I doubt that WWE tournaments provide anywhere near the same fun and entertainment than my two feline wrestlers.

7Gandhi Wendy sitting room DSCN2765

Princess Min Ki, the head of the family, watches with amazement what the youngsters are doing.

8 Min Ki window DSCN2794 

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