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July 16, 2013

After shunning the computer for three weeks — the longest pause I ever made since at least two decades — I finally got time to read and select a few infos from about a thousand emails.

The last week was abnormally dry here and the 12 rain water barrels are nearly empty — if it doesn’t rain soon I will have to use tap water for irrigation. This is a rainy country and there is no danger of a persisting drought but I get an idea now what farmers and gardeners in the drought stricken areas of the world experience — and what the future will have in store for them:

Sometimes one has to take a hard look:

This is an interesting piece, because it combines climate change denial with justified environmental concerns. Reasoning and conclusion by the author are questionable, but the article contains useful information:

About the nuclear option:

About the stone-age-brain:

A data mine called Facebook

After PRISM came Tempora and Boundless Informant. Anybody surprised still?
European politicians hypocritical display outrage. Some of them admittedly are idiots, but most knew, what was going on. They know with whom they are dealing, they know, that you have to pay a price, if you are dealing with the devil.

About capitalist ideals:

Capitalism at its finest? (not quite, its finest is the war racket):

Want to amuse yourself with some (well intended though) economists babble?
Finally an economist who applies common sense

Time of reckoning:

Imperial news:

Imperial conquest news — Venezuela:
Imperial conquest news — Syria:
Russia sends most advanced weapons. Will Jabhat al-Nusra get US most advanced weapons?
Or will Israel do the dirty work?
Whatever happens, NATO is prepared:
And they will reap what they sowed:


Women in Saudi Arabia

A few pictures of the cat family, the obligatory antidote to depressing news. I made them yesterday while we were walking in the forest. Gandhi Jr., the cat boy who will soon celebrate his first birthday, was together with his mother Mia, the urban lady from Munich, and Princess Min Ki, the head of the family. Rosy, Mia’s aunt, was also participating, but she kept distance.

Gandhi Jr. is a picture book example for what an intact family and a harmonious and peaceful upbringing can achieve. He is the most friendly and agreeable cat one can imagine and he tries hard to make everything right. I would not go as far as calling him obedient, because obedience is simply against cat nature, but he comes somewhat close.

Mia was a single mom (as all cat mothers are), but when Gandhi’s siblings left for a new home across the border (where they are reportedly doing very well), she spent all her energy for nursing and educating him. Princess Min Ki helped a little bit with the education, I myself helped too.

It takes a town to raise a child.

Cat mothers normally distance themselves from their children when they don’t have milk anymore and suspend all contacts, often even move away. After a crash course in basic survival skills the kittens suddenly are on their own. I understand now why, because Gandhi desperately wanted to suckle long after Mia had no milk and it took some combined effort to get him used to pet food and natural food.

This transition was not easy and friction free but Mia and Gandhi Jr. are now good friends, though Gandhi’s best friend is Wendy, our long-haired cat girl.

This could be a good start for a joyful and blessed life. Will the little cat boy ever understand, how lucky and privileged he is? Lucky and privileged, because not many cat boys have the privilege to grow up together with their mothers in a largely peaceful family environment.

Many human children are deprived of this privilege too.

Children live in war zones, in destitute ares of inner cities, in slums around the megalopolis of the third world. Children experience poverty, hunger, sickness, the loss of their parents and of other family members. They witness death and destruction, they live in constant fear of criminals, marauding militias, terrorist bombings, drone strikes.

Children in Gaza, the West Bank, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria become distressed, traumatized, shell shocked. For a little child life with its complicated social rules is difficult to navigate in the best of circumstances. Avoiding the deadly dangers and the evil predators lurking on every corner of the way is difficult. Growing up and find ones personal niche is difficult even in the affluent areas, in the peace zones of the world.

Growing up in Gaza, the West Bank, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria yet is not only difficult, it is painful, torturous, unbearable, unendurable. Children there suffer and experience life as constant grief, as a nightmare, as a series of horrific episodes. Children there are deprived of their childhood, they will crack, will go mad, they will become psychopaths.

They will grow up emotionally crippled, filled up with despair, cynicism, aggression, and hate, to take revenge at the world who failed them so miserably. They will become criminals, militiamen, terrorists, soldiers. They will be cheap pawns and stolid cannon fodder for the ruling elites. They will perpetuate the mayhem, violence, chaos of this world indefinitely.

Right now millions of children grow up to inevitably become psychopathic killers. Is this the master plan?

Evil monsters rule the world.
War is their delight.

Back to my little cat boy Gandhi Jr. He doesn’t understand all this. I have lengthy conversations with him, because he is very vocal and it is astonishing and also quite funny, how he can clearly express his deepest feelings, thoughts, and intentions with a million varieties of meow.

I have lengthy and interesting conversations with him, but the scope of our talks is limited. Gandhi’s wold is the garden and the forest, his fellow cats and I. This is enough for a little cat boy, enough to occupy and entertain him, enough to be make him feel content and comfortable. Gandhi Jr. is doing well, he had a happy life until now and I will do everything what I possibly can do to keep it like that.

Gandhi Min Ki Mia forrest DSCN0709
Gandhi Min Ki Mia forrest DSCN0722
Gandhi Min Ki Mia forrest DSCN0752
Gandhi Min Ki Mia forrest DSCN0765

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