Mission Statement 2014

January 9, 2014

You have heard it all before:

Industrial production, power plants, and big agriculture are pouring millions of toxic substances into the biosphere, converting forests and savannas into wastelands and landfills. Big machines and powerful weapons exterminate wildlife and turn the green hills into grey. The wells, the creeks and rivers are poisoned, the forests are clearcut, the oceans are dying. Wars for the dwindling resources are raging, our fellow humans and fellow animals are suffering.

Many of our fellow creatures will not make it and die, many species will go extinct. We ourselves are not immune to the poison and soon will experience declining health and epidemics of unprecedented proportions.

ecology capitalism

You don’t miss the crystal clear water of a creek?
You don’t miss the majestic silence of a forest?
You don’t miss the bees, butterflies, bats, lizards, toads, hedgehogs?
You don’t miss the millions of stars in the clear sky shining onto you as you wander through the pristine lands in a perfectly quiet night?

corporations 2

The wonders of your new smartphone are more interesting to you than the wonders of untouched nature? You prefer to spend your time staring at the TV screen, the computer screen, the smartphone screen? You prefer to watch YouTube videoclips instead of observing our fellow creatures small or big outside and the flowers, bushes, and trees in the gardens and forests?

I cannot believe that!

If you are visiting this blog and if you’ve made it through the first sentences of the text without clicking away the distracting page and surfing on to the newest internet meme you are not an idiot and you are not a crook. You may feel helpless, clueless, confused, depressed, paralyzed, but you are not callous.

It could be that you have found comfort in the belief that your conduct and your actions — of whatever kind they may be — will make no difference. It could be that you have retreated to the position, that it is too late to save humanity from itself.

Cheap excuses!

You don’t care about the fate of our children and think, that they shall look for themselves? You don’t care about the suffering of our fellow humans and our fellow creatures? You don’t care about the declining natural life as long as virtual life, represented by your Facebook clique and the myriads of YouTube videos, is growing and developing?

You are not that evil and dumb!

You think that you are too old to face the danger of bearing the brunt of the devastation and that things have not yet progressed far enough to inconvenience you noticeably in the remaining years of your life? You think that technology will find solutions and human ingenuity will be able to build an artificial environment that is even more beautiful, comfortable, and stable than the one that we are destroying right now?

You are deceiving yourself!

You cannot be bothered to abandon your cherished routines, habits, obsessions, addictions of consumerism? You consider yourself not as adaptable, flexible, malleable, ductile enough and you consider yourself not to be a fast learner? You are glad that you can manage the life as you know it and you feel not bright, talented, and energetic enough to leave everything behind, completely change direction and build up your life again from scratch?

You will be astonished how capable you are!

Change yourself and you will change the world. Face the challenge and start immediately. Don’t wast time with complaining, whining, pitying yourself. You have a winning chance and it is not your last chance. You will have a winning chance for all of your life and you will only lose if you stop to resist.

its you

The ruling elites in their insatiable greed are advancing ever more bold and devious schemes to extort money and to control, oppress, exploit, and enslave their subjects. They have a detailed plan and a clear goal: They need their riches to shield them from the industrial poisons and to fortify their retreats in the remaining natural preserves of the earth.

The ruling elites are systematical, determined, and resourceful. They are not brighter than you and me but they employ the best experts, technicians, and scientist to advise them.

Yet they still don’t have enough drones and other killing machines to control every corner of the word and instill destruction and death everywhere they want to.

Their surveillance dragnet still has big holes where clever people can slip through. Their Cray XT4 computers will never be able to encrypt the communications of the dissidents because the dissidents values and ethics are beyond their understanding, beyond their limited perception.

Their mass media propaganda machine is the biggest one humanity has ever seen, surpassing by far the visions of Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Margaret Atwood. They are able to sedate, deceive, reeducate, indoctrinate, brainwash many unassuming and naive consumers but they still cannot fool all the people all the time.

Their schemes may be insidious and cunning, but the fundamentals are flawed. The palaces of oppression and abuse are built on shaky ground.

Caltrop_from_Vietnam 1968

If you comply and consent you will not only be the victim, you will be the perpetrator as well. You will share the guilt of destroying the world as we know it, you will share the guilt of destroying nature.

Change yourself and you will change the world. Change your life, minimize your carbon footprint, stop traveling, stop shopping. Stop shopping and hoarding stuff. Give away the things you don’t really need. Don’t throw things away, give them to someone who needs then, who can convert them, who finds ingenious ways to reuse them. Reuse, upcycle, recycle.

There is enough stuff around, you will not have to bother the cashiers in the supermarkets and malls for a long time. Stop shopping, stop buying new gadgets, stop consuming. Grow your own food, build your own things. This is the most effective way of bypassing, boycotting, subverting, sabotaging the system of consumerism, this is the best way to make the perverted schemes of the ruling class fizzle and founder. This is the way to bring down the tyranny of consumerism.

The informal economy is thriving. Flea markets, swat meetings, second-hand exchanges, barter, farmers markets, counter currencies, credit unions, co-ops, the DIY and Maker movements. There are dozens of alternatives to eBay.

If you revolutionize your life you are not alone. Millions of revolutionaries drop out and defy the rules of consumerism. Millions defy the trends, fashions, memes, the pressure to parade, show off, prance, boast, swagger, millions abandon the bizarre, grotesque, ridiculous conventions, etiquettes, rituals, and ceremonies of consumerism.

The revolution is going on right now but you will not hear anything about it in the mass media. The revolution will not be televised (thank you Gil), it will not be reported and commented. The revolution will not even be recognized, analyzed, and combatted by the masters of consumerism, because the values and goals of the revolutionaries are, as I wrote already before, beyond their understanding and beyond their limited perception.

They may shuffle their company shares, bonds, and derivates around, they may constantly increase the stock prices, the profits, the company valuations, they may climb up in the Forbes list of billionaires to become the envy of their peers, they may succeed in all their endeavors and consider themselves to be at the top of the world….

Yet when the markets crash and the gordian knot of the global financial system finally is cut all their holdings will be worthless.

Monkeywrench blue

There will be a deep recession and more people will be laid off. Millions of people will be unemployed but they will not be out of work because there is enough work to do. Caring for the elderly, sick, and disabled, growing food and changing the sterile lawns of sprawling suburbs into rich permaculture beds, repairing infrastructure, restoring nature, planting trees and bushes, cleaning up and decontaminating industrial and agricultural wastelands, refurbishing buildings and installing thermal insulation.

This is a gargantuan task and it will need all available hands to do the job. Nobody will be out of work anymore.

But who will pay for it?

There will not be much pay, but the local communities, the newly created local and regional bodies, the revolutionary councils will organize the flow of necessary materials and goods, the thinkers and planners will take out the blueprints from the hidden drawers and create appropriate local and regional support networks out of the broken pieces of the old economic system.

There will not be much pay and there will not be much money around. Money and personal wealth will have lost their meaning and their central importance. The rat race, the scramble for wealth and power will be over, replaced by kindness, passion, and love.

Are you ready to think out of the box? Are you ready to start a new live? Are you ready to join the revolution and to save the world?

You better be ready now!

money disapears 

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