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February 6, 2014

Environmental news:
http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.co.at/2014/01/seven-sustainable-technologies.html Must read.
http://www.climatedepot.com/2014/02/03/new-paper-finds-negative-feedback-cooling-from-water-vapor-could-almost-completely-offset-warming-from-co2-published-in-the-journal-of-geophysical-research-atmospheres/ A hopefully mitigating effect though this is not the end of the discussion.

Economic news:

Imperial news:

Imperial conquest news:

Finally it has snowed a little bit here, the first time this winter. It is also cold enough that pests like mosquitos, ticks, woodlice, aphids, root worms, hoppers, whiteflies, and the like could eventually be diminished to a bearable level. It is still unseasonal warm and if March doesn’t bring an extreme cold spell, this will be one of the warmest winters I’ve ever experienced.

Skepticism about the predicted danger of global warming is growing in the average population. It is not growing among scientists, which solidly confirm that climate change and global warming are real. Well, there are always the paid pundits and experts. They don’t have to be credible, they don’t have to provide sound evidence, they just have to raise their voice so that the press, following their code of “fair and balanced” reporting, can present a dissenting view.

“Fair and balanced” does of course NOT apply during demonization campaigns about a-priori ruthless dictators like Bashar al-Assad, Nicolas Maduro, Vladimir Putin, or Viktor Yanukovych. They may have won elections, but these “so called” elections were undemocratic, rigged, were a fraud, a sham. How can elections be democratic if the bad guy wins?

In such campaigns dissenting views are unwanted, unwelcome, and rightfully suppressed by the media.

Back to the weather:

Last year was among the 10 warmest years since record keeping in 1880, it was also the 37th consecutive year of above-normal global temperature.

One doesn’t have to believe in statistics, or in science, or in whatever is presented as common knowledge. I never was completely sure about global warming, because the effects of increased cloud cover are not fully researched and understood. Do the smoke plumes from the burning Indonesian rain forests, or the smog of Chinese cities and industrial zones, or the increased water vapor (an issue addressed in the links) not diminish sunshine?

Global warming also doesn’t necessarily mean, that the temperatures increase everywhere — certain regions could even see lower temperatures. If the Gulf Stream for instance slows down or changes its way, Ireland, Britain, Norway, and to a lesser degree whole Western Europe would become colder.

While there are uncertainties about global warming, climate change manifests itself again and again. Typhoon Haiyan, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irene, Tornados, floods, droughts. Weather events of biblical proportions become the norm, the one-hundred-year flood occurs now every ten years or every year.

So what? Rebuilding and repairing the damages just increases the gross domestic product!

Unfortunately, though we can be deadly sure that environmental catastrophes will increase we cannot be sure that they will keep the economy flourishing. 

The meltdown of financial markets in 2008 due to institutionalized fraud and financial manipulation and the following bank bailouts (which were the largest transfer of money wealth in history) created insurmountable public debt, record unemployment, and widespread poverty. Austerity measures, public spending cuts, and reduced consumer spending since then have caused more layoffs. This is a downward spiral.

The stock market has recovered, but it is a fake recovery. Everything in the global financial system is fake now — maybe it was always just a sham. Forget the gold standard, the underground vaults in Manhattan and Ford Knox are empty. The USA needed 4 month to give back the gold reserves of Venezuela, and that was a comparatively small amount. The USA will never be able to repatriate the gold reserves of Germany, France, Italy, or the UK.

Anyway, the gold standard is history, fiat money is now the craze. Fiat money is just another technical term of economists to confuse and mislead, it means in fact nothing more than that a currency needs no backup by any physical assets. Money can be created out of thin air in an office of a national central bank (or the US Federal Reserve) with a click of a button. If you ever have asked yourself what the term “quantitative easing” really means, now you know.

And you know also how the 17 trillion dollar debt of the USA is financed.

This is a tightrope walk across a crocodile infested river. The gold price has to be kept low to keep the US Dollar up, political pressure has to insure that commodity trading (especially oil) continues in dollars, bonds, ABS (asset-backed securities), CDOs (collateralized debt obligations), CDS (credit default swaps), ABCPs (asset-backed commercial papers), and other innovative derivatives have to suck in investor money to keep the US Dollar afloat.

Did I say this is a tightrope walk? I was wrong, because a tightrope walker has the chance to reach the other end of the line or turn back. But in the global financial system there is no possibility to reach safety or turn back because this is a pyramid scheme (or Ponzi scheme or chain letter scheme).

Why were Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford jailed? Their conduct was not so much different from what the wizards of Wall Street do all the time. Did the two not pay enough lobbying fees and campaign contributions?

Japans stock market is collapsing, the emerging economies (India, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey) are in trouble, Greece needs a third bailout, a possible deflation in the Eurozone scares debtors, the jobless get angry and rebellious.

The next color revolution will be in Madrid, but it will not be on TV. Genuine revolutions are not televised, only the fake revolutions are televised. [Gil Scott Heron — The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. You can find it on the web]

Nobody dares to propose an austerity program for the banks, the big corporations, the Forbes billionaires. Nobody dares to say that the USA is bankrupt. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter if they are bankrupt or not, because they have their gargantuan military machine and can do as they please. They will get what they want with or without global financial system, with or without global financial fraud.

Maybe the wizards of the Federal Reserve can keep the pyramid from collapsing for another few month. Else we will have a complete media blackout about financial affairs.

How can I be so sure about everything what I write here, how can I be sure that we are indeed misinformed and brainwashed by the media, cheated and lied to by the experts, the industrialists, the political leaders?

How can I be sure that the super-rich are not, as they claim, kind hearted philanthropists, who do all, what they do for the greater good of humanity, how can I be sure that they are driven by greed and not, as they claim, by genuine concern about the happiness and comfort of their fellow human beings?

I’m not sure about anything what I write, I’m just guessing like anybody else. I’m not even sure that this blog really exists and that my texts are read by somebody. Maybe this is just my vivid fantasy running amok while in fact I’m laying in the ward of a psychiatric institution, heavily sedated.

The WHO announced, that cancer cases have increased to 14 million last year, and the media chimed in telling us that bad lifestyle choices are the reason, like smoking, drinking, and no exercise. If living in a noisy, dirty city or industrial zone is a lifestyle choice, if working night shifts is a lifestyle choice, if living in a contaminated area where the dirt and toxic waste just have been leveled and overplowed to raise some cheap apartment blocks, I agree.

Are people making lifestyle choices if they are buying the crap from food companies because there is no farmers market and they don’t have a garden? Is working in a factory and inhaling the dust and the chemical fumes a lifestyle choice?

Sometimes one has to make tough lifestyle choices to make ends meet. 

Back to the weather:

It could well be that the negative feedback loop of cloud cover mitigates global warming and that we will experience something like “global warming light,” which could be also very inconvenient but at least spare humans from extinction.

Global warming for me was always only the third worry behind the possibly of nuclear war and the steadily increasing chemical and radioactive contamination of the biosphere. In the last years I’ve experienced a population decline of my most favorite animal friends. Hedgehogs, bats, toads, frogs, lizards, bees are becoming rare and the lucky coincidences when I come across one of them are increasingly seldom.

Many of these species are affected by so called “endocrine disruptors.” Endocrine disruptors like bisphenol A, atrazine, phthalates, perchlorate, PBDEs (fire retardants), perfluorinated chemicals, organophosphate pesticides, glycol ethers, are substances who disrupt the endocrine system of the body, leading to organ dysfunctions and failures. They are not declared to be toxins or poisons, because that would make people anxious.

The chemicals which are constantly poured over us and our fellow animals by the industry are not called poisons anymore, they are now endocrine disruptors. That sound more neutral, more benign, less alarmist.

 plastic - chemicals

As I wrote before, I’m not sure about anything but when I make the obligatory daily walks with the cat family in the forest and when I’m working in the garden it seems quite real and I consider it as highly possible that I’m not just hallucinating, fantasizing, dreaming.

Garden work is not possible at the moment because the soil is frozen. The cats are most of the time in the house and only three of them insist to continue with our daily forest walks. There is nearly no snow in the forest and the scenery is not overly appealing, the plants and animals are just hibernating, holding on, waiting for spring.

I have chosen a few pictures from the last years where we still experienced a real winter to show that the cat family is not afraid of snow and even enjoys the changed surrounding.

The cats don’t know about the steadily increasing chemical contamination and as the mouse population has not declined yet the environment seems ok for them. Even if they knew, they would not be able to protest and do anything against it.

I will have to take up the fight in their behalf.
Yes, I’m still in fighting mood,
not submitting, not complying, not conceding!
Preparing for the change to come.

Cindy snow 02 24 2009 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mia snow forest DSCN2342 Min Ki Winter DSCN0462 Wendy snow DSCN0875

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