The Freedom Snipers of Maidan

February 22, 2014

There are people who prefer to think by themselves and come to their own conclusions. These people are called skeptics.

The skeptics for instance wondered, why at the start of the Syrian uprising the death toll among police officers was so much higher than that of the peaceful demonstrators. Were the dead officers really all victims of “friendly fire,” mistakenly shot by colleagues? Were they maybe all plainclothes officers, mingled among the demonstrators?

None of these explanations seem plausible.

The skeptics are also still wondering, why the Occupy Wall Street protesters didn’t use shields, helmets. clubs, petrol bombs (Molotov Cocktails), and snipers posted on the buildings surrounding Zuccotti Park, to give their demands more weight. The protesters in Thailand, in Venezuela, and in the Ukraine use all of this and they are praised as heroes by Western media, while the Occupy Wall Street protests never were taken seriously, were ignored or belittled by the press, and didn’t achieve anything.

Protests in Western countries though will be met with a very different response than what the protesters in Kiev, Caracas, or Bangkok are facing. For example:

In August 2011 protests in Britain against the slaying of Mark Duggan, a 29 year old black man, turned violent when officers detained a young girl, leading to severe clashes, rioting, arson, and looting in several cities. Riot police turned out in force and 3,100 people were arrested.

Nobody called for restraint of the police then, but these were riots of course and not peaceful protests like in Kiev.

The protesters in Kiev’s Maidan square have the full and undivided sympathy of the Western media because they try to topple a government which has been proven to be an impediment to the integration of the Ukraine into the family of democratic European states, called the European Union. This integration would bring prosperity (for the corporations), security (for the investors), and freedom (to make extraordinary profits and exploit all available resources).

Like in Latvia, Greece, Spain, and Portugal, businesses would greatly benefit from a harmonious integration into Western Europe and the economic integration would also improve the chances to become a member of NATO, the worldwide bulwark against the dark and evil forces of terrorism and socialism.

While the European Union’s bid to help with annually 160 million US$ for the next five years seems minuscule compared to Russia’s 15 billion US$ offer (3 billion of which are already paid), the Ukraine under a Western-leaning government would sell vital public services to international investors, thereby collecting the necessary cash to repay IMF bonds and other debt obligations.

Though the European Union’s conditions seem spiteful at first glance, they are not worse than the prerequisites for IMF loans. It is the usual mix of austerity (gutting social welfare, cutting wages and pensions), tax cuts and deregulation for private companies, selling off public assets, and opening the economy for predatory Western enterprises. 

Ukraine riots 19 p

Like in Syria the Ukrainian police was at first remarkably restrained in the face of protest violence, but it didn’t help, the restraint was perceived as weakness and only emboldened the protesters who humiliated the police officers, snatched their shields and gear, ripped off their uniforms, and took many of them hostage (it will be interesting to find out, what is happening with these prisoners.)

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry stated on its website, that the number of police officers killed in Kyiv has risen to 16. A further 130 policemen have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds. The freedom snipers of Maidan seem to be very successful.

Ukraine riots 32 p

The skeptics at this point will wonder, why peaceful protesters suddenly were equipped with helmets, clubs, and shields, the skeptic will wonder how they suddenly had petrol bombs, pistols, and rifles at hand. A skeptic will also ask, in what way thousands of protesters were able to camp on Maidan square for several days. Who organized the food, who setup the tents, what about the sanitation?

Don’t the protester not have to work in their day job?

The obvious and self-evident answer: No, most of them have no job. Most participants of the various color revolutions, Arab Spring uprisings, and other CIA- and NGO-organized movements are unemployed young men. Uneducated, testosterone driven, aggressive young men, who feel disenfranchised, sidelined, unwanted, and unneeded.

Until their participation in the protests they had to channel their aggression, their destructive energy into acts of vandalism, sexual harassment, and petty crime. They were disliked, despised, execrated by the community, and every now and then they were caught, sentenced and jailed for their aggressive acts.

The protest movements (or the jihad in Arab countries) gives them a purpose, makes them feel accepted and wanted. Here they can act out, riot and loot, smash and burn public property, lash out at the hated police, fulfill their wildest dreams of mayhem and destruction.

And they can do all this with impunity.

Suddenly they are not anymore the troublemakers, the hoodlums, the scum, on the contrary they are the heroes, the trailblazers, the harbingers of change, the vanguards of a new order, of a new regime which will solve all existing problems and bring prosperity and happiness to everybody. 

All the smashing, looting, and burning is done now for a good cause.

Ukraine riots 23 s

But who is organizing this people and providing logistical support? Are there local parties and organizations which Western NGOs and spy agencies can use for the purpose of regime change?

Of course there are, and they are all well connected with the Western agents of change.

The jobless, the uneducated, the grudging and embittered in all places heed the siren calls of malevolent populists and follow the pied pipers wether they play their tunes in churches, mosques, on talk radio, on TV, on social media, political websites, or party gatherings.

The jobless and uneducated are the natural constituency of reactionary right-wing demagogues and fanatical religious preachers. 

Ukraine riots 25 s

While in the Greater Middle East Western spy agencies have been for many decades supporting and coordinating radical Islamist movements like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda plus various affiliates, the Gulen Movement, and other smaller factions, gangs, parties, to remove undesirable governments, in Eastern Europe they used fascist and neo-Nazi groups for this purpose.

During World War II, the Nazis supported a number of Ukrainian nationalist movements against the Soviet Union. After the war, these groups began receiving support from the CIA in their underground resistance fight against the Soviet Union, particularly in western Ukraine.

Among the Ukrainian groups marked by the Nazis and identified as potential allies of the CIA was the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists). The inheritor of OUN’s political dogma is the neo-Nazi Svoboda movement led by Oleh Tyahnybok.

Other Ukrainian groups coddled by the Nazis and subsequently embraced by the CIA include the Sluzhba Bezopasnosti (the Security Service of the OUN), the Bandera Group (Bandera is the backbone of the Pravy Sector — Maidan’s assault unit), the Mel’nik Group, the Taras Bulba Partisan Unit in Galicia, and the Ukrainian Revolutionary Army of Western Ukraine and Galicia (the Red and Black flag of which has been reintroduced by the Maidan protesters). 

The cooperation between US agencies and fascist parties is paying off big. Victoria Nuland, US assistant secretary for European affairs, revealed that five billion US$ were invested in the Ukrainian regime change project. This seems to be a large sum,  but it is small change compared to the costs of a direct military intervention.

Ukraine riots 17

One has to admit, that the geopolitical planners of the US-Imperium have their prey on the run. They successfully undermine and replace governments all around the world, they turn countries into failed states with comparatively little effort, and bolster the already installed client regimes to prevent any escape from the neoliberal world order.

Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya are failed states, Syria is devastated, Thailand, Venezuela, and the Ukraine are under attack right now.

The CIA together with US based NGOs is busy to organize coups (Honduras) and protests (Egypt, the 2009 elections in Iran, right now Thailand, Venezuela, Ukraine), working hand in hand with financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.), currency speculators (George Soros), corporations, and the UN (via imposed sanctions) to weaken resisting governments with economic sabotage.

If a country resists it is relentlessly attacked again and again (Syria). The US-imperial mindset is not prepared to concede, retreat is not an option, if things don’t work out, the agitators will pause, regroup, replenish their arsenals, and prepare for the next attack. This will go on until either the last independent nation is conquered, the Imperium has imploded, or World War III has wiped out humanity.

Ukraine riots 16

One final point:

Regime change is decisively promoted by the dominance of the global popular culture which is basically an Anglo-American culture. All expressions, articulations, manifestations of this culture paint life in Western countries in the brightest colors, create the illusion of easy success, affluence, abundance, luxury, and promise a limitless orgy of consumerism in a paradise of supermarkets and shopping malls.

This is the equivalent of the glass pearls, which the conquistadores handed out to the native population of the newly discovered American continent. Glass pearls will not do it anymore, so todays conquistadores have to promise a shopping heaven where the shelves and display areas are always packed to the brim with useful, rock solid, and nevertheless cheap consumer goods.

This is the soft power of the US-imperium. The soft power constituted by Hollywoods dream machine, by worldwide disseminated US TV-series, by YouTube, by social media portals (Facebook, Twitter), by slick and glossy advertising, by omnipresent Anglo-American popular music (Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Soul), by blockbuster novels, and contemporary graphic design.

Nobody is left unaffected by these cultural expressions of US-society and it is hard not to use the euphemism which conceal the brutality of the system. It is hard to escape the stereotypes, the conventions, the underlying ideology, it is hard to think outside the box, which Western global culture has created for confining our thoughts and restraining our imagination.

It is hard not to get brainwashed.

Many people in the for regime change targeted countries idealize life in the West and for that reason don’t stand up against the violent uprisings or even support them. Many people in the Western Ukraine will be eager to join the supposedly democratic, prosperous, well organized, and corruption free European Union.

They will find out soon that all these attributes are a myth, are pure fantasy — but then it will be too late and nobody will care about their plight or even report about them because the journalists will be busy and completely occupied with covering the next imperial conquest.

Update from RT News:

A day after Yanukovich agreed to opposition demands and signed an EU brokered deal, his residence in Kiev was abandoned and left virtually unguarded. Some media reports speculate that the president has left for Kharkov in the east of the country.

In Kharkov a public conference of 3,477 deputies from local councils of southeastern Ukraine has declared that they are taking responsibility for the constitutional order in the country. “We have gathered here not to separate the country, but to save it,” the regional governor, Mikhail Dobkin, told the crowd.

Over 10, 000 people had come to the city’s Sport Palace, where the deputies were holding the meeting. The situation remained generally quiet with the crowd being partly in good spirits and partly subdued and concerned.

The Kharkov public gathering announced a number of measures local authorities should take in response to the developments in Kiev. They should take full responsibility for all decision in respective regions with no regard to authorities in Kiev until the constitutional order in the Ukraine is restored, a resolution of the meeting says.

“We, the local authorities of all levels, the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol region decided to take responsibility for ensuring the constitutional order and the rights of citizens on their territory,” a resolution of the deputies stated.

They authorities will take measures to protect arms depots and prevent their take-over and looting by radical opposition activists. Citizens are encouraged to form local militias to protect public order. Local authorities are to fund and support those militias.

The deputies have criticized the decision adopted by the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) in the last few days, saying they are raising doubts about its legitimacy. The legislative acts may have been passed involuntary and are neither legitimate nor lawful. The resent decisions of the national parliament were taken in conditions “of terror, threats of violence and death,” the resolution says.

The head of the Kharkov administration, Gennady Kernes, has called the public meeting “an attempt by qualified deputies from the east of the country to stabilize the situation.”

My colleagues and I have been personally threatened. But today we have gathered to change the situation,” he said. “We will not give in; we will fight till the end.”

The statement has been echoed by Rada’s Party of Regions deputy, Vadim Kolesnichenko, who also said that politicians are being threatened and “their families are basically hostages .”

Russia sent several officials in the capacity of observers to the gathering, including Aleksey Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliamentary commission on foreign affairs, Mikhail Markelov, Pushkov’s counterpart in the Council of Federation, the upper chamber of the parliament, and several governors from regions in eastern Russia.

The decisions taken here are positive and concrete. What is important is that everything voiced here was implemented in the interests of the Ukrainian people and the entire Ukraine. What Ukraine needs now is common sense and a survival instinct,” said Evgeny Savchenko, Governor of Russia’s Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, commenting on the Kharkov gathering.

Meanwhile, the parliament (Verkhovna Rada) is holding a new emergency session. While the whereabouts of Ukrainian President Yanukovich remain uncertain, opposition leaders passed the law on the return to the 2004 Constitution without the president’s signature.

They have also elected Aleksandr Turchinov the new head speaker of the Supreme Rada. He will be taking over the cabinet’s work until the formation of a coalition government. Another new appointee is Arsen Avakov, who was named the acting head of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

With 233 voting in favor, the Ukrainian Rada has ruled to free the former PM Yulia Timoshenko from prison.


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