Killers Paradise

March 14, 2014

If you are one of the persons who get a thrill from killing fellow humans, there are several places on this planet where you can fulfill your aspirations quite easily. One of them is Syria, a country where you as an Islamic fighter will have ample opportunity to kill. Not only that, you also will be able to torture and to inflict pain and suffering in various other ways which may be deeply satisfying and fulfilling for you.

But Syria is not such an ideal place for pathological murderers as it appears at first glance, because the Syrian army and the National Defense units are increasingly effective, systematically eliminating the Western backed Islamists who descend on their homeland.

You maybe not enjoy killing and torturing long enough to make it worth the effort.

Yet there is another nation in close proximity where you will be able to satisfy your urges, and there is only one snag, one hurdle you have to overcome: The nation is Israel, and the hurdle is that you must be Jewish or at least must successfully claim that you have Jewish ancestors.

If you can master that, you only need to become a member of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), a police officer, or a settler, and you will be able to kill as many Palestinians as you please. Palestinians are fair game, untermenschen, vermin or cockroaches (as Menachem Begin and various other renowned Israeli heroes repeatedly pointed out).

Israeli Settlers Soldiers

Dear valued blog visitor or subscriber, you are in all likelihood not a pathological murderer who is glad about the advice given here, but you could be sympathetic to Israel and view the introductory paragraphs of this text as offensive, unjustified, and over the top.

Please consider the following and just let the numbers sink in:

49 Palestinians were killed by Israeli settlers between 2000 and 2010. The UN OCHA documented 2,100 settler attacks in 8 years and found, that the attacks almost quadrupled between 2006 and 2014.

The Palestinian police is forbidden to act against Israeli settlers.

In addition to continuous and increasing settler violence the Israeli army and police have for decades displayed a callous disregard for human life by killing dozens of Palestinian civilians, including children, in the occupied West Bank with total impunity.

Last year alone 22 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children, were killed in the West Bank. Since 2011 at least 261 Palestinians, including 67 children, have been seriously injured by live ammunition and more than 8,000 Palestinians, including 1,500 children, have been wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas.

Peaceful protesters, civilian bystanders, human rights activists, and journalists are among those who have been killed or injured.

Several victims were shot in the back suggesting that they were targeted as they tried to flee and that they posed no genuine threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers or police officers. In several cases, Israeli security personal resorted to lethal force against stone-throwing protestors.

Investigations by the Israeli authorities into such incidences, if they happen at all, usually result in the exoneration of the involved soldiers or police officers, sending an unmistakable signals to the security forces that they are given a carte blanche and can murder with impunity.

Allemby Crossing

On Monday, March 10, another settler shot and killed another Palestinian who was allegedly throwing rocks at Israeli cars in the West Bank. On the same day Israeli border guards shot and killed Raed Zeiter, a Jordanian-Palestinian judge, at the Allenby crossing, the main border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank.

While the murders of unarmed Palestinians are not an unusual occurrence and for the IDF soldiers “business as usual”, the death of Raed Zeiter could have severe consequences and even negative implications for Western plans to increase military operations in southern Syria.

The slaying of Raed Zeiter, an acclaimed and well known judge, has resulted in an explosion of anger in the Hashemite kingdom. Protests and marches took place near the Israeli Embassy in Amman and a vigil at the Justice Palace saw thousands of lawyers and judges unite in denouncing the murder.

Students also protested at various universities, but perhaps the strongest voices were raised at a March 11 afternoon session of the Jordanian parliament, where legislators demanded in unison that the government should expel the Israeli ambassador and recall Jordan’s envoy to Tel Aviv. Many even went so far as to call for scrapping the Israeli-Jordanian peace agreement.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour did his best to soothe the Jordanian parliamentarians’ anger and provided what he said was proof that the government had pushed for and won Israeli concessions. Ensour said that Israel had agreed to a request that the investigation of Zeiter’s death on the Allenby crossing be carried out jointly by Israel and Jordan. He also stated twice that Israel had apologized to Jordan for killing the unarmed bus passenger.

Jordan judge burial

An apology translates as an acceptance of guilt, whereas official Israeli announcements and media reports say only that Israel has expressed “regret” leaving it unclear what exactly transpired between the two sides. Official Israeli statements assert that soldiers shot the judge in self-defense and claim that Zeiter had attempted to seize a soldier’s gun. Another report states that the judge ran toward a soldier in an attempt to strangle him.

These inconsistent reports have been countered by eyewitnesses who say that Zeiter was punched by a soldier, as he was slow in returning to the bus after the initial check of passenger IDs. The eyewitnesses insist that after Zeiter was punched and fell to the ground, he attempted to get up to defend himself, but was shot in the foot, followed by a second shot that missed him, before another soldier fired three deadly shots into his chest.

Israel claims that the cameras at the crossing point were not working that day. This assertion is clearly a lie, because vehicles entering and leaving the area are allowed passage only after a barrier is raised, and this is done from a windowless room where the Israelis monitor all movements via cameras. It would have been impossible for the bus to have been allowed passage without an Israeli seeing its approach via a functioning camera.

While passengers have regularly expressed anger at the harsh way in which Israeli soldiers treat arriving passengers, Palestinians are usually reserved and unwilling to challenge the Israeli border guard. It appears that Zeiter was not as willing to suffer humiliation.

Jordan riot police

King Abdullah II of Jordan is under unprecedented public pressure to produce some sort of results and he has at the same time to quell the growing resentments against his cooperation with Israel, against the use of Jordan as base and training ground for Islamic fighters, and against the economic decline caused by the Syrian war and the flood of refugees.

Right now a major effort is under way to reactivate the southern front against Syria. An international command center at the intelligence headquarters building in Amman, staffed by military officials from 14 countries, including the USA, Israel, Britain, and the Gulf monarchies is coordinating the plans, which include the delivery of large amounts of new weapons like sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, heavy machine guns, and armored vehicles to Islamic fighters.

The command center is also organizing the training of rebel fighters in Saudi Arabia and the Western and Arab military advisers at the command centre are coordinating the various rebel brigades, make adjustments to tactics, and help determine when and how military operations can go ahead.

Whether or not the combined efforts will amount to a full-blown spring offensive, they already have evoked increased fighting around the city of Daraa in recent weeks because the Syrian army attempts to pre-empt any rebel push towards Damascus.

As a result, the flow of refugees into Jordan from southern and central Syria has doubled this month to 1,000 or more a day. About 1.2 million Syrians are now living in Jordan, causing major social and economic problems for the Hashemite kingdom.

The new arrivals are not at all welcomed by Jordanians who already face economic hardship and shortages of common goods and food. It is also an open secret that some of the refugee camps are in fact training facilities for jihadist fighters and the population as well as the political cast is weary and worried about the activities of Sunni fundamentalists and the dangers that entail.

Israel, a nation not held exactly in high esteem by Jordanians, plays a big part in the Western plans. Not only has Israel conducted at least 6 air raids against Syrian targets (the latest against the Jamraya military base near Damascus on May 5), it treats wounded Islamists in Israeli hospitals, transports weapons supplies, and provides corridors to infiltrate Syria via the Golan Heights. Last week alone, 1400 terrorists who were trained by CIA-agents in Jordan entered Syria via Israeli territory under the control of the Israeli government.

Jordan is already a social and political pressure cooker and the slaying of the Jordanian judge could well be the last straw leading to popular unrest and political instability in the country which is now the main base of Western backed rebels. Turkey was the main base before, but it is engulfed in political turmoil, causing a significant reduction of anti-Syrian activities.

The Jordanian troubles could not come at a worse time for the Syria regime change planners.

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