Against Oligarchs and False Politicians

September 6, 2014

Russian President Putin’s seven-point peace plan proposal was quickly dismissed by Ukraine’s prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, who called it a trap. But after Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko spoke with Putin on the phone, he wrote on Twitter: “As a result of my telephone conversation with the Russian president we reached an agreement on a permanent ceasefire on Donbas.”

Poroshenko is an oligarch, worth 1.3 billion US$, and he resembles the head of a mafia clan, like many oligarchs do. Yet he is not delusional and he knows, that the Ukrainian army has suffered terrible losses and is on the verge of collapse.

eastern Ukraine ordonance

This ceasefire is a lifeline that Putin threw to the Ukrainian leadership, though it is doubtful that they will thank him for opening a way out of the abyss. Is Putin a traitor of the Novorussian cause? Or is he deep inside an empathetic person for whom the cessation of shooting and killing is of fundamental importance?

A ceasefire is the right move at any time but Putin knew that his proposal would fall on deaf ears as long as the leadership in Kiev saw a chance to annihilate the pro-Russian separatists. He also knows that Kiev will try to cheat, to regroup, to get new military supplies from NATO, to command new cannon fodder in the fourth wave of mobilization.

Putin also knows that the Ukrainian population will be furious when the horrible bloodletting of the army will become apparent. 800 death soldiers are acknowledged by now, insiders speak of 4,000 casualties, but it could as well be twice or three times that much.

Putin knows that it will get colder, Winter is approaching fast, the Ukrainian population will feel the cold after the heat. He knows, that coal for the electric power plants is running out, the hryvnia is in free fall, and Ukraine’s foreign currency reserves have fallen to 15.83 billion US$.

Novorussia destruction 4

Putin knows, that the EU has no appetite to put immense sums of money into the bottomless pit which the collapsing Ukrainian economy now is and that the IMF only will come forward with more loans if everything which is of any value — public assets, factories, mines, infrastructure, land — is sold cheaply to the big US (or nominally multinational) corporations — the entities which behind the scene call the shots in world politics.

Putin knows, that the Ukrainian people will hate the idea of being on the mercy of JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Exxon Mobile, Archer Daniels Midland, and all the other illustrious companies who will own everything around them, including the very ground where they stand and walk.

Yet, the population got used in only 20 years to the fact, that the national oligarchs own most everything, they will maybe get used also to the fact that the homegrown oligarchs have cut a deal with the worlds leading corporations and will sell their homeland for a pittance provided they are allowed to continue pillaging the country like they used to do now for 20 years.

Or will they not?

Will the initial noble ideas of Maidan (before it was hijacked by US NGOs) resonate again, will the Maidan idealists and the Novorussians realize, that they are on the same side and that they have to close ranks and chase away the oligarchs and career politicians?

Will the assets of Akhmetov, Kolomoysky, Taruta, Pinchuk, Poroshenko, etc. finally be nationalized and the profits of their companies used to the benefit of the people?

Novorossian field commander Alexey Mozgovoi makes it clear in the following statement that the real front line in this epic struggle is not between the Donbas region and the rest of Ukraine, or between Ukraine and Russia, but between ordinary people and the moneyed elites, who deceive, enslave, and exploit them.

Alexey Mozgovoi

Against the Oligarchs and False Politicians. For the People.

Novorossiya shall be! Oligarchs out! Power to the real, common people! This is our first chance in many decades to build an equitable, human and humane society.

Alexey Mozgovoi

With respect to Strelkov having been betrayed and betrayal in general:

There are so many who did not like what was begun and do not want to push it to its logical conclusion!

They only have money, offices and portfolios in their heads! But why did the people of the South-East rise up? Was it just so that they could lose countless lives, lose their livelihoods, lose their confidence in the future?

If we are fighting for the interests of the people, is it not up to the people themselves to decide the outcome of this struggle? See it through completely…

Who among these so-called members of the governments of the DPR and the LPR bothered to ask the opinion of the Militiamen, who lose their comrades in battles; the opinion of the relatives, who lost fathers, sons and daughters in this struggle for the right to live free and to choose their own path? I believe none of them did. All this seems to be a farce; a spectacle, in which the role of the people of Novorussia is to be extras on the set.

There have now been several stages of this betrayal of Novorussia (including the ‘resignation’ of Igor Ivanovich Strelkov). In my opinion, right now, we are witnessing another attempt, by means of negotiations, to stop the resistance and to prevent the destruction of the oligarchic power in Ukraine. The fifth column in action… The transfer of power from the oligarchy to the people — right now this is the so-called international community’s nightmare. It became clear to everyone long ago that the world is ruled by the likes of Valtsman (Poroshenko), Chubais, and the Rockefellers. For these, removal from power is akin to death.

And what do we see now? ARRANGEMENTS! And with whom? At the negotiating table: the venerable Kuchma! During his reign, the fat cats only gained momentum and swelled their appetites! Corruption soared to inexplicable heights. He should be prosecuted, not negotiated with! What will happen to the special status of Novorussia, when all the same contract killers will remain? What guarantees can be discussed with people that have eliminated the word TRUTH from their vocabulary?

Only Kiev’s capitulation can resolve the current situation. Only a separation of business interests from government can offer the chance to build a state with a human face. And only the prosecution of those who hold power, of the world “elite” can enable the people to regain their dignity. Otherwise it was all for naught — all the slogans and all the victims.

Ukraine destruction 22

Do we want to remain as marionettes in the hands of the armchair intellectuals? I am not satisfied with such a prospect! We did not take up arms just to stop halfway.

There always was and always will be fear. Right now, many are afraid of the coming winter. But this is animal fear. I am much more afraid of staying as a serf — of remaining an animal in the hands of the glossy feudal lords.

I will continue to the end! Until we reach the intended target! Until the full and unconditional victory of the free and proud Russian Slavic World!


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