Seeds of terror and desperation

November 14, 2015

The Western funded, trained, and equipped freedom fighters, Islamic revolutionaries, more or less moderate rebels, have again turned onto their sponsors. Everybody in the higher echelons of power knows that “blowback” is inevitable, but it is considered worth the price.

The plan was straightforward, cunning, Machiavellian:

To achieve chaos in the Arab countries surrounding Israel, and other Muslim countries which are of strategic interest, just recruit lot of able bodied individuals from the ever growing pool of confused, uneducated, unemployed, disillusioned and desperate young men in the Middle East and elsewhere. They have no future, no chance to do meaningful work, no chance to attract women, no chance to build or buy a comfortable home and found a family.

They feel unneeded and unwanted, they feel sidelined, shortchanged, abandoned. Their world is changing disturbingly fast or falling apart around them. They witness mindless and disgusting consumerism, the criminality of slick and devious billionaires, the cynicism and coldness of a system where egoism, competition, greed have replaced compassion, partnership, sharing.

Many of them come from families where the parents had no time to spend with them because they were working hard to put food on the table, had to care for many, many children, were just trying to survive somehow in a hostile world. They never received attention and love and so they never learned love. Many are traumatized by war and grinding poverty. Many are confused by the fairytales of Western media, by the dream world of advertising, movies, TV shows, by the deluge of lies from propagandists of all camps.

When the Pied Pipers of Hamelin arrive, they eagerly and enthusiastically take the chance to escape from the prison of their dismal and tragically pointless existence, go through terrorist bootcamp, take the AK47 and the explosives. They know that they are used, that they are pawns, tools, cheap and expendable cannon fodder. They know that they will not live long, will maybe buried in unmarked graves.

They are psychopaths, sociopaths, but their mental sickness is never adequately treated, because their only councilors are their peers, the Salafi Takfiri imams, their handlers from the Western spy agencies — which are all psychopaths and sociopaths themselves.

They live in a world of horror and pain, with captagon and the occasional (recreational) rape being bright spots. Consequently they indulge in spreading horror and pain, it excites and satisfies them.

When they are nearly burned up, when they feel that their end is near, they will try to go with a bang, cause as much mayhem as possible, end their lives in a horrid suicide attack. They will mix among the refugees flooding into Europe, try to slip into the colonial nations with forged papers, go back to their birth country which failed to bring them up properly, failed to integrate them, provide them a meaningful life.

They will turn onto their handlers and onto the society which ignored and excluded them.

terror Paris 12

On November 13 129 people died and 352 were injured in six terror attacks in and around Paris. The death toll will continue to rise because 99 injured people are in critical condition and some will probably die. Many of the injured will be disabled and suffer for the rest of their life.

These attacks required undoubtedly sophisticated and elaborate planning, and yet, the US and French intelligence agencies didn’t have a clue what was coming. Eight attackers died, the police continues to search for accomplices who might still be at large.

1 person died outside the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis, north of Paris. Three suicide bombing attacks were carried out near the national stadium entrances and at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant. Spectators were evacuated from the 80,000-seat venue where a soccer match between France and Germany took place. French President Francois Hollande himself was at the stadium at the time of the attack.

15 were killed at the junction of Rue Bichat and Rue Alibert in the 10th district, when terrorists attacked the bar-cafe Le Carillon and the nearby Le Petit Cambodian restaurant.

5 were killed in front of the bar A La Bonne Biere at the intersection of rue Fontaine au Roi and rue Faubourg du Temple in the 11th district.

19 died on Rue de Charonne in the 11th district, when the sidewalk terrace of a cafe called La Belle Equipe was sprayed with bullets.

89 were killed at the Bataclan theater during a rock concert. The attackers first sprayed cafes outside the concert hall with machine gun fire, then went inside and opened fire on the panicked audience. The terrorists shot at the crowd for 10 to 14 minutes, shouting “Allah akbar”. Four attackers were killed, including three who were wearing explosives belts.

terror Paris 7

A state of emergency has been declared across France and security at the country’s borders has been tightened. Paris residents have been told to stay in their homes and according to authorities all of the city’s amenities, including schools, universities, museums, libraries, gyms, swimming pools, and markets, will close for one day.

Airports remain open and flights have left the capital, but some airlines, including American Airlines, say they will be delaying flights to Paris. Many, including United, Delta, and Air France KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, are operating normally.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has cancelled his official visit to France, planned for next week. In a letter to President Hollande, Rouhani strongly denounced the attacks as a “crime against humanity” and expressed condolences with the French people.

Rouhani was due in Rome on Saturday and then in Paris next week on a major European visit, the first such trip by an Iranian president in a decade. He for now has postponed both visits.

The attacks will surely have political consequences. They come five days before France’s only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, is due to set sail for the Persian Gulf to take part in bombing campaigns across Syria and Iraq. France has been carrying out airstrikes at Syrian targets since late September. France will probably deepen its involvement in air operations in Syria and Iraq at a time when the Syrian air space is becoming crowded and complicated.

The attacks are a reminder of France’s longstanding ethnic frictions, following months in which the focus has been on neighboring Germany. Huge numbers of refugees have flooded Germany via Austria and the Balkans, with very few carrying on to France. As a result, France has kept a relatively low profile in the attempts to stem the flow of refugees, though it has supported Germany’s push for a relocation of asylum seekers across Europe.

This terror attack will strengthen the argument of groups that have been calling for a halt in the flow of immigrants, for abandoning the Schengen agreement, and closing borders of Germany, Austria, Sweden, and much of Central and Eastern Europe.

Mass surveillance will be increased and civil rights further curtailed by anti-terror measures (following the example of the US Patriot Act). Far-right parties in Western Europe are expected to make further gains because of their xenophobic views.

In France, Marine Le Pen and her National Front party will see a surge in popularity. Le Pen kept a low profile after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in January and still saw an increase in her party’s approval because of its longstanding anti-immigration position. Hollande also saw a brief uptick in popularity after the Charlie Hebdo attack because of his reaction to the events, but a repeat of this trend is not expected because the population will now question whether the anti-terrorism measures that were approved this year actually worked. The leader of the Republicans Party, Nicolas Sarkozy, also has a history of taking a strong stance on security issues. He is expected to battle the more moderate Alain Juppe for his party’s nomination in the 2017 elections, and voters may swing to his side in the wake of the attacks.

In the world of the sociopathic freedom fighters, Islamic revolutionaries, and more or less moderate rebels, the attackers will be hailed as heroes who ended their life purposefully and in glory. Many will make plans to follow their example. Money, guns, and explosives are still plentiful, provided promptly and speedily by the Gulf potentates, Turkey, and a few other nations who think they could benefit from the ensuing chaos.

Nobody knows how this will end, but one thing is for sure: There will be more blowback, much more!

terror Paris 6


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  2. Heavy stuff, but sadly true. Even more sad is that the majority of people don’t see it that way and so there will be a right wing backlash ! Who will benefit? The worst elements of society !


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