Links April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016

Planting, weeding, pruning, and other kinds of garden work at the moment consume all my time and energy, but I continue to check news from a variety of sources carefully, evaluating plausibility, likelihood, and logical coherence.

Though we live in a post-Orwellian world with total and full spectrum media control, rivalries between world powers, business tycoons, or political cliques, brave actions of whistleblowers or dissident journalists, and incompetence of mainstream media workers, who often are confused by the constantly changing official narrative, let a lot information slip through which initially was not intended to reach the population.

There’s also the possibility of deconstructing and “reverse engineering” the news stream to remove the filters and distortions which mainstream media workers apply.

Feline news:
http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/apr/26/croydon-cat-killer-three-decapitated-pets-found-south-london Sad news! Islamic State against cats?

Putin cats b

Environmental news:

Economic news:

Imperial news:
https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/04/18/technology-is-helping-verizon-ride-out-one-of-its-biggest-strikes-ever/ No workers needed in future.
I profoundly dislike Donald Trump, his egocentrism, bordering on narcissism, is distasteful. But everything is better than Hillary Clinton and WW III. I don’t want to experience the horrors of war, don’t want to watch the destruction of this world, don’t want to die in pain and agony.

Imperial conquest news:
http://journal-neo.org/2016/04/27/how-nato-linked-think-tanks-control-eu-refugee-policy/ This could be just a conspiracy speculation, but manipulations, coercions, and maneuvering for sure happen.

http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/04/20/rome-conference-nonviolence-turning-point-history Keeping hope alive.
https://medium.com/@joshuatopolsky/your-media-business-will-not-be-saved-1b0716b5010c Right, but the text tells only a part of the story and is self-promotional. Regrettable omissions: Propaganda, lying, chasing profits with obtrusive advertising and sensationalism drives away the audience. Doing it for the good of mankind and not for ones own advantage should be the paramount purpose. If this is unrealistic, why are thousands of bloggers able to work this way?

News from Cats Paradise:

The cats sit on the windowsill and watch in disbelief a snowstorm outside. I have switched off the central heating already in late March, but a wood stove in the sitting room radiates cosy warmth.

When the cats don’t sit on the windowsill and watch the outside world, they lay around the stove. What a lovely scene! Princess Min Ki, 10 years, Aunt Rosy, 11 years, and Miss Marple, 18 years old, feel their age. They all spend less time in the garden and forest, they become more attached to me, and they demand more attention. As I wrote before, it would need several lives to do all the things which have to be done and are worth to be done.

Gandhi Mia stove DSCN2366

Unfortunately I have only this one life, or at least I’m not aware of additional lives in possible parallel universes. Could there be additional lives as incarnations? Maybe I’ll be reborn as a mouse, thus serving the ultimate pleasure to my beloved cats. But as a mouse I presumably will not enjoy sacrificing my short mouse life for the cats, especially not for Princess Min Ki, who likes to playfully torture her victims till they die from exhaustion or from a heart attack.

I still have the distressed squeaking and chirping of the pitiful mice in my ears. Cats are ruthless and merciless, they are very similar to humans, that is why they have become our favorite pets.

Not all cats treat their victims as dispassionate as Princess Min Ki. The late Harry, a remarkable cat who’s memory I carry deep in my heart, killed a mouse instantly by breaking its neck with one powerful stroke of his paw. A few moments later, nothing than the gall bladder was left of the mouse — it was an efficient, highly professional process.

Princess Min Ki deeply admired Harry, he was her role model and she consequently took over the leadership of the cat family after Harry’s untimely death. Unfortunately she didn’t adopt his method of mice culling.

The mice are often infected with worms and transmit this infection to the cats, when they are eaten. This is their insidious revenge and it is also a typical example of asymmetric warfare. So, considering this fact, the cats in the last week got all worming tablets, a very complicated and exhausting operation and a real struggle. Last time it was much easier, maybe since then they have learned a new method to spit out the tablets.

In the last days there was intermittent snow, rain, and sunshine. No reason to complain, because it is April, and fast changing weather conditions at this time of the year are nothing exceptional. Wait, till the from climate scientists predicted superstorms will flatten forests and gardens or golf ball sized hail will destroys all plants except the most robust trees.

Whats left standing could wither away in persistent droughts.

Yet, why worry about climate change, when the probability of an even more frightening future increases by the day. When Hillary pushes the red button and nuclear winter becomes the new climate, we will all sit cuddling together in front of the stove.

Gandhi Rosy stove DSCN1116 2

I’m not sure if it makes any sense to prepare for a nuclear winter, but I have stocked up essential supplies in preparation for eventual calamities like the breakdown of the global financial system plus ensuing economic crash or an accident in a nuclear power plant (I live in a country with no nuclear power generation, and the nearest nuclear plant is hundreds of kilometers away, but as Fukushima and Chernobyl have shown, radioactive fallout travels far).

First the cat food: There are a four 10 kg bags of dry food and some boxes of can food in the cellar, which should last for about a year, maybe even longer, if the cats are able to utilize frozen caucuses of dear in the forest. For me there are drawers full of rice, lentils, almonds, pumpkin seeds, a lot of dried fruits and berries. That should also last about a year.

Fire wood is not a problem, I can easily collect it in the adjacent forest.


What would happen after this year? I don’t know, but one thing is sure: I would never slaughter my feline friends, I would share with them all supplies and maybe they would share with me the frozen caucuses that they would find in the forest.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, so they say, but most important, enjoy every moment of your life and don’t let worries break you.

Enjoying life and making the best out of it, no matter what happens — I have learned this from my feline friends.

BTW, the sun just came through.

Gandhi tail DSCN2591

Wendy stove DSCN4401

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