Links and notes September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

Not such voluminous posts please, I was told. Who can read all this? 140 Twitter characters are still the benchmark.

Okay, I will mix in a few shorter posts in future.

Concerning a related matter, I want to thank my fellow bloggers, who have subscribed here. It would be polite and show good manners to visit and subscribe their blogs too in return, but I’m always short on time, struggling to put out the occasional post, sifting incoming news, and making the necessary research.

Recently something (maybe curiosity) inspired me to visit the blog https://cathytea.wordpress.com/, and what I found was unexpected and new. This is what I wrote to Cathy Tea:

I visited this site because Cathy Tea follows my blog. I never played video games and never will, because I try to curtail the time spent on the computer. I see the value of experimenting with social relations in the simplified environment of a game, discovering thereby social functions which may be hidden and undetectable in the confusing richness and diversity of the real world. If the experiences and findings from the game can be applied to our natural environment and help to navigate and muddle through this complicated life, thats for sure a good thing.

When I first looked at the site it appeared completely strange to me and the only thing that I could take from it was “kindness.” Kindness is still my main impression, though related feelings, attitudes, moods like tolerance, sympathy, tenderness, calmness, serenity, love are also noticeable.

Kindness makes this site special, because the dominating mood of human society is aggressiveness. Aggressiveness rules, as it trumps, subjugates, drowns out any other emotions, dispositions, states of mind.

Aggressiveness predominantly means male, testosterone driven aggression. Male aggression is a prime cause of wars, crime, terrorism, oppression, destructive competition, inequality, injustice. Male aggression is hard wired, but it can be mitigated, reduced, unlearned. The human brain is flexible enough to make this possible — brain plasticity is the key. The sages, saints, prophets, teachers, preachers of the word, Buddhist monks, artists, poets, environmentalists, and activists for just social causes show that it is possible. 

I’m male and my life could have been much easier and more peaceful if testosterone levels would have been lower. It takes a long time to tame the beast inside. My mission is now to comfort, aid, teach, heal.

You have all my sympathies. Cary on, comfort, aid, teach, and heal.

Feline news:

Environmental news:
https://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21723394-biology-and-conservation-elephants-conserve-elephants-they-hold Save the elephants.
https://businessconnectworld.com/2017/09/13/8-critical-factors-behind-food-crisis/ This article is a useful compilation of facts, yet in my opinion the root causes of food scarcity are overpopulation and the lavish, wasteful, and ultimately ruinous consumption of resources by a few rich nations.
This includes military spending (700 billion US$ by the USA alone), travel (tourism), transport of commodities and goods over long distances, and pathological consumerism, complemented with a reckless and negligent throw-away attitude.
In short: More people, who consume and destroy nature means less nature, and consequently less arable land, and consequently less food. Less available food will in turn reduce human population to sustainable levels. This is the way nature protects, heals, maintains itself.
One can dismiss this analysis as cynical and inhuman, as it indicates an indifference to human suffering. Well, this world never was a nice place and paradise is widely considered a religious myth. Our own conduct indicates clearly an indifference to the suffering of fellow animals and fellow living things, which we constantly destroy in a relentless war against the natural wold.
But we are the crown of nature, one may counter, we have every right to do as we please. And if nature doesn’t comply, we will destroy it and build our own and even better artificial environment.
Good luck with that, you will see soon how it turns out in the end.

Economic news:
In 2015 an estimated 8 trillion US$ (more than 10 percent of global GDP (gross domestic product)) was hidden in offshore tax havens. 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies used tax havens, adding up to 2.5 trillion US$ in offshore profits, or about 717.8 billion US$ taxes which were not paid to the US government.

Media and technology news:
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-41169817?ocid=global_bbccom_email_05092017_top+news+stories Bullets against words. The bullets always win the debate. Shall we stop talking and start shooting? Or remain silent until we have found a way to disarm the violent thugs?
http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/09/08/goog-s08.html The usual Google censoring.
http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-41182519 Fake news is everything what contradicts the government approved narrative. The pressure to comply and toe the line increases month by month. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts are shot down, blogs with alternative views are tolerated still but unfavorable search engine rankings make sure that nobody finds them. This is worse than the McCarthy era witch-hunts, it is worldwide and comprehensive.
The blog which you are just visiting is also effected, blacked out and getting not any search engine referrals. In addition I was personally targeted by a sting operation, when a blog reader tried to lure me into a money laundering operation with the promise of big financial reward with little effort. The little effort I was asked to undertake would have been a criminal offense though.
I still have all the messages and emails from this affair and reading them again I have to say, that the whole scheme was badly designed and showed 1. That US agents assume they are the most clever guys and their targets are idiots (the arrogance of the empire), 2. That they have no idea about other peoples values and way of thinking.
All signs point to the fact, that in the not so far future I will have to look for a non-US blogger-platform and I hope, that some of my readers will follow me when I have to make the move.

Imperial news:
http://petras.lahaine.org/?p=2153 Who rules the USA? About the deep state, the taming of Donald Trump, the Israel lobby, and US militarism. This text is informative, though it sounds at some points overly dramatic and bitter. For a non-US citizen and anti-imperialist observer the chaos of the power struggle in the Trump administration has some positive sides, as it diminished appeal of and sympathy for the USA in outside populations worldwide and made US geopolitical strategies inconsistent and less effective.
On a side note: Former US President Barack Obama collects 1.2 million US$ for three speeches to major Wall Street firms (Cantor Fiztgerald, Northern Trust Corp, Carlyle Group). Sure, there’s no corruption in Washington D.C.

Imperial conquest news:
http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/inside-americas-secret-war-with-isis-w501346 Kurds and Arabs die in a merciless war.
http://www.defenddemocracy.press/40-years-ago-this-chilean-exile-warned-us-about-the-shock-doctrine-then-he-was-assassinated/ The crimes of empire are not forgotten.
http://www.defenddemocracy.press/the-divisions-of-cyprus-by-perry-anderson-3/ A long read, but worth it. The history of colonialism in Europe and the crimes of empire (not in Africa or Asia but in Europe itself).

Uncategorized news:
http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/09/18/hung-s18.html Hunger and malnutrition increase globally. This was predicted and it is only the start of the looming catastrophe.
http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/09/21/cata-s21.html Separatist movements have different motives:
1. Decreasing the dependence from a central state and a ruling class which only wants to economically exploit peripheral areas.
2. Getting rid of the liability to pay for poor areas of the state and not having to share the riches of the land with the less fortunate parts of the country.
3. Preserving a unique regional culture against the pressure of the state to install a unifying national identity.
4. Interference, incitement, bribing of regional elites by a foreign power who wants to destabilize, partition, destroy a country in order to achieve geopolitical advantages.
One or more of the above may apply.

News from cat paradise:

After the hedonism and the excesses of summer follows the inevitable sobering-up of the autumn days. Dark and cold times are ahead, lets cuddle together and indulge in memories of warmth and brightness. We have each other and, if the freaks in the power centers of the world can keep their ICBMs inside the missile silos and submarine compartments, there will be another spring and another summer.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind mention of my blog ! When I first saw your comment on my guest – post at The Queerness , I thought you were commenting about that blog, since its religion is kindness and acceptance, too. How happy and flattered I am to see you were referring to my blog ! Thank you ! Hope you and the cats and the boxes the cats sleep in have a lovely day ! Thanks for all your good work . .. and I personally love your long posts and create time to read them.


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