News and considerations October 2021

October 2, 2021

It finally happened. WordPress has made its editor unusable for me, and I have to publish all new posts on Blogger, setting up just a link to the Blogger post. Here is the link:


The unsolvable problem is that WordPress doesn’t recognize Line Break. Maybe I just overlooked something. I would be very grateful if one could give me helpful advice in the comments.


  1. What is Linefeed and what aren’t you able to do?

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    • I used the wrong term. It is Line Break versus Paragraph Break. Line Break starts a new line of text immediately below the existing text, while Paragraph Break starts a new paragraph with one empty line between paragraphs. Line Break is simply ignored by the WP Editor, which makes the blog text unreadable.


      • Oh, this might be easy to fix. Try holding the shift key while you press Enter or return. If that doesn’t work, the code is but I haven’t used the editor for a few weeks so they may have limited options. I’m sure it’s still possible, and next time I’m in the editor, I’ll play around and see what I can discover.

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      • Thank you for caring! The problem is the transfer from the .rtf file which I composed on the Mac to the editor via copy and paste.


      • Oh, I see. You could try saving as plain text, rather than .rtf. Another option could be to compose in Google Docs. Of course, html is quite easy and quick, if that were an interest to you. Another option could be to compose directly in WordPress Editor.


  2. If I need to post a poem, for example, and need each line to come after one another without a paragraph break, I use the Text field in the WP editor (I’m using the old classic version).

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    • I would also prefer the classic editor, but I don’t know how to switch it on.

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  3. I use the “fix” or workarounds that tpenguinltg made for us back in 2015. See: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/how-to-use-the-classic-editor-on-wordpress-com-blogs-and-never-see-the-beep-beep-boop-editor-again-by-lo/

    Since you have your own domain, it’s a bit more complex, but I think “the penguin” also has a “fix”: https://tpenguinltg.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/wordpress-com-classic-editor-script-updated-for-new-editor/ or maybe this one: https://tpenguinltg.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/redirect-script-bug-fixed/

    If you have any questions, The Penguin used to answer them rather quickly if you post a comment on one of his blog posts.

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    • I could install the classic editor as a plugin, but that is only possible with a WP business plan for 300 US$. Too much money to fix a silly bug. I do all the editing in my favorite text editor (Bean on Mac) and just copy the text then into the WP editor. I will try Substack.


  4. The classic editor is still available for now. There is talk about it being eliminated in the future, though. Read this Forum post about how to find it and use it: https://wordpress.com/forums/topic/the-classic-editor-is-gone-how-to-bring-it-back/

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    • Tank you for caring and thank you for your helpful advice!

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