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April 6, 2022

It has become increasingly difficult to access neutral or pro-Russian sources. I still get emails from RT, but links to articles on RT’s website don’t work. Links from dissident media to YouTube have to be clicked instantly, because the videos are removed soon.

I don’t use Facebook but I’m told that messages and posts on this platform are also constantly removed. Same on Twitter, while Telegram seems still not be censored. Twitter “permanently suspended” USMC veteran and ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter for questioning the Ukraine narrative, but was forced to reinstate Ritter’s acount after a public outcry.

Mainstream media doesn’t need to be censored, it has been gleichgeschaltet (brought in line) since the advent of time (or at least since Gutenberg printing).

I never thought that such a well coordinated and comprehensive censorship would be possible in my country which is supposedly neutral (prohibiting entry into military alliances or establishment of foreign military bases) and I wonder: What comes next? Will there be reeducation camps, secret trials, disappearances, and murders of dissidents?

Blacklists of disruptive or undesirable people surely exist and I’m most probably also on some list. Shall I pack up the six cats and my other treasured possessions and try to move somehow to Bhutan or Cuba? It would be easier from my location to reach the Vatican and apply for asylum there. But I’m an atheist (or agnostic, pantheist, animist, Buddhist), maybe even an anarchist, Marxist, communist, Trotskyist (though I personally don’t believe in any of these categorizations).

Regardless of the existential dangers which may emerge I will continue contradicting mainstream media lies, deceptions, omissions, and plain propaganda. This blog has only 240 followers, so it may be overlooked or deemed unworthy of any action. 

Readers who unsubscribe, incensed by my anti-Western stance, will further diminish the relevance of this blog and the need for authorities to take action.

Or they will just shut down the blog and send me a warning not to try again.

Then at least I would have more time for music, gardening, and the cat family.

Glory to Ukraine

The Ukrainian national salute “Glory to Ukraine” was used from the 1930s on by different Ukrainian nationalist groups, most notably Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and it was later adopted by Ukrainian diaspora groups and refugee communities in the West during the Cold War. In the USSR the phrase was forbidden, and Soviet authorities tried to discredit it. The phrase resurfaced after the dissolution of the USSR and was used by Bill Clinton in 1995.

Fascism, racism, sadism

It is true that the electorate ignored the Tyanibok/Yarosh/Biletski grand fascist coalition with only one Svoboda candidate making it to the Rada.

But then the fascists canceled Zelensky’s mandate by rioting outside parliament and threatening a Euromaidan 2.0 as part of the “No Capitulation” protests — which is what one gets when the fascist opposition is voted out of parliament but their neo-Nazi National Guards remain a part of military infrastructure. The Azov movement is much larger than just the Azov Regiment, and Kolomoskyi’s president has no authority there aside from Kolomoiskyi’s money.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk has made it clear in public that he supports the Azov Battalion (now Azov Regiment) and admires Bandera.

In 2015, for example, he aroused the displeasure of the Bundestag when he publicized his visit to the grave of partisan leader and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera in Munich. Melnyk laid a wreath on Bandera’s grave.

Bandera, whom Melnyk referred to as “our hero,” was a politician for the Ukrainian nationalists OUN, worked with the Wehrmacht during World War II and is largely regarded as a war criminal.

The name of the Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin is btw very similar to the Co-Founder of OUN Andrij Atanassowytsch Melnyk.

Numerous videos and reports have documented Ukrainian authorities preventing Africans from fleeing the fighting. Even the New York Times – hardly a bastion of Kremlin propaganda – published a report documenting these racist practices.

Gonzalo Lira tweeted:

You want to learn the truth about the Zelensky regime? Google these names:
Vlodymyr Struk (pro Russian major kidnapped and killed)
Denis Kireev (killed in Kyiv just a week after he attended the first round of peace talks)
Mikhail & Aleksander Kononovich (arrested in Kiev because they are communists)
Nestor Shufrych (Russian-friendly Ukrainian lawmaker detained by soldiers)
Yan Taksyur (journalist and TV presenter arrested by the SBU)
Dmitri Djangirov (political analyst disappeared)
Elena Berezhnaya (pro-Russian figure skater disappeared)
If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours or more, put my name on this list.

Bild’s Journalist Julian Röpcke, well known for his Syrian war coverage, reports:

Phew … what can I say … Ukrainians do gruesome things with captured Russian soldiers & traitors. But I won’t post that here. It’s fundamentally wrong, but it happens and anyone who criticizes it should ask themselves what they would do in such a situation.“

Ukrainians proudly uploaded videos of blinding and castrating Russian soldiers. 

Human rights activists claim, that Polish authorities won’t let Ukrainians who were evacuated to Poland cross the frontier into Belarus to join their families in Russia.

PsyOps, fake news, setups, false flags

From the 1920s on the USA developed very sophisticated media capabilities, which are used with great efficiency around the world. Edward Bernays book about Public Relations, Hollywood, TV-shows, around the clock news channels, and pop culture are main components of these media tools. This is US “soft power,” which often enables the USA to subjugate nations with minimal or no military means.

It works well in Western Europe, which since the end of WWII has been flooded with US news media, culture, entertainment, and advertising. 

But in Russia US soft power has largely failed, most likely because of cultural incompatibilities, a different way of thinking, and a different mentality. Putin’s personal popularity is still well above 80 percent, and the popular disgust with the Russian “intelligentsia,” also called “Atlanticists” (people who admire Western consumer culture and try to improve ties with the West) is real. So more and more Atlanticists are resigning, moving abroad, or joining the small dissident faction to condemn their own government and country. Anatoly Chubais, who practically created the Russian oligarch system during the Yeltsin years (a system in which wealth and capital flowed out of Russia), just left Russia.

It could well be that the Western propagandists overplayed their hand. They managed easily to make hatred for Russia and Russians a new type of virtue signaling in Western Europe, but they went so far overboard that they got the undivided attention of the Russian people by exposing their true intentions. Most Russians have understood now that:

Russia and the Anglo-American empire are in an existential war which only one side can walk away from, and the empire wants to destroy the Russian nation in order to exploit the huge natural resources of Russian lands.

If the first phase of the war has shown that the Russians could achieve good results against a major army with a numerical smaller force and the focus on maneuver, it has also shown that Russian PYSOPs and PR (public relations) capabilities are minimal and mostly ineffective. Wars can be won with little or no efforts allocated to PYSOPs and PR, but such wars are much more costly not only in time and money, but also in human lives. Negotiations, PSYOPs, PR, and military operations have to work together towards a common goal, thereby becoming force multipliers.

In all fairness to the Russians, they never had the kind of propaganda resources the Western empire has.

The European Union took Sputnik and Russia Today off the air across Europe. Meta cut off Russian user access to Facebook and Instagram but temporarily allowed users in some countries to post violent anti-Russia content. Youtube, Netflix, and Google have blocked Russian channels.

Any voice slightly favoring Russia soon becomes silenced. Multiple residents in eastern Ukraine found their accounts banned by social media platforms right after they posted Russia-related content. French film director and reporter Anne-Laure Bonnel told CNews Channel that Ukrainian army shelling caused civilian deaths in Donbass. Her documentary “Donbass” was later removed from Youtube, and Le Figaro newspaper deleted her article on the life of the Donbass people.

The news media also selectively ignored differing voices from other countries. Anti-American and anti-NATO demonstrations were launched in Bulgaria, Turkey, and many other countries. Serbian football fans raised giant banners in a stadium criticizing the decades of military interventions by the United States and NATO. Nothing of that was shown in Western news channels.

Western analysts insists that the Russian offensive has stalled, ignoring that the captured area is the size of the UK, most Ukrainian air and naval assets have been obliterated, Command-and-Control centers have gone up in smoke, and the main Ukrainian army is in danger of getting encircled.

Newsweek wrote on March 30:

Russia’s armed forces are reaching a state of exhaustion, stalemated on the battlefield and unable to make additional gains, while Ukraine is slowly pushing them back, continuing to inflict destruction on the invaders.

After a month of intense fighting, the stalemate has forced the Kremlin to consider a Ukrainian proposal that ends the fighting short of annihilation, opening up the way for a rapid cessation of hostilities. And it has pledged to pull back its forces threatening Kyiv.

“The war in Ukraine is over,” a high-level officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency tells Newsweek. (The officer, who was not authorized to speak on the record, requested anonymity.)

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the Defense Department believed that Putin has not had access to an accurate account of his “army’s failures.”

The New York Times reported:

The Russian military’s stumbles have eroded trust between Mr. Putin and his Ministry of Defense. While Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu had been considered one of the few advisers Mr. Putin confided in, the prosecution of the war in Ukraine has damaged the relationship. Mr. Putin has put two top intelligence officials under house arrest for providing poor intelligence ahead of the invasion, something that may have further contributed to the climate of fear.”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said intelligence indicates Russia is not scaling back its military operations in Ukraine but is instead trying to regroup, resupply its forces, and restart its offensive in the Donbas.

Ukrainians have repeatedly been caught out peddling propaganda or flat out lying, and the Western media has been uncritically parroting them: 

Snake Island. The ghost pilot. Russia is losing because it couldn’t take Kiev (there were way too few troops to do that, it was a pinning operation). Ukraine repeatedly blocking or shelling the humanitarian corridors while accusing Russia of doing this. The theater bombing story (the Patrick Lancaster video, among other things, debunks it, Mariupol citizens unsolicited describe the shells as clearly coming from an Ukraine-controlled area).

The West via UK is blocking Russia bringing the Bucha story to the Security Council, which would demand a truly independent investigation. Why would the West not want that? If the Russians are guilty, the West should be delighted to prove it with a credible, independent investigation so they could go straight to the Hague.

What Russia says on TASS every day is utterly ignored, making a joke of the supposed media convention of telling both sides of a story. China defending Russian arguments and even calling out the USA as the root cause of the war is not covered in Western outlets. 

One is forced to read Global Times and TASS every day to get out of the Western media echo chamber.

In the long run, Western fake news will increasingly reduce Western credibility as the reality on the ground emerges, while Ukrainian morale will fall rapidly.

Bucha and other atrocities

Timeline of the events in Bucha:

March 29 – Russia warns of staged videos

The Russian military claimed that the Ukrainian government ordered its ultra-nationalist forces to produce staged videos purportedly showing evidence of crimes committed by Russian troops against civilians.

March 30 – Russian troops leave Bucha

March 31 – Mayor of Bucha Anatoliy Fedoruk announces town “liberated”, doesn’t mention atrocities.

April 1 – Azov forces enter Bucha

New York Times: Ukrainian soldiers from the Azov battalion walked through the remnants of a Russian military convoy in the recently liberated town of Bucha on Saturday, just outside the capital after the Russians withdrew.

April 2 – Ukrainian commandos are deployed to Bucha.

The Ukrainian national police said it had deployed its “Safari” commando regiment to Bucha to “clear the territory of saboteurs and Russian troop collaborators,” as well as to “inspect the sites of war crimes committed by Russia.”

The website of the National Police of Ukraine announced the cleansing of Bucha from “collaborators.”

April 3 – Ukrainian MinDef publishes video of Russian atrocities.

New York Times: Footage posted by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry and photographs from news agencies showed the bodies of men in civilian clothes on the streets of Bucha, a town northwest of Kyiv. Images showed some corpses with hands bound behind their back.

Satellite images supposedly show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks, contradicting Russian denials.

Looking at one widely distributed image, there are a few dark spots that might be bodies but could be also anything else. These photos come from Maxar Technologies, a highly-reputed US company with close ties to the US DoD.

The video from April 3 shows very fresh bodies. Is it really imaginable that there were dead bodies out for weeks, with no one burying them or taking shots and putting them on social media or sending them to the press, and no local photos from “weeks ago” surfacing now?

Why would the Russians disrespect the dead by leaving them out and remind locals of civilian casualties, when the directives from Moscow were to spare civilians so as to minimize ill will? The lack of any contemporaneous photos or social media reports and rumors when people in Bucha had use of cellphones and the Internet all the time during Russians preseance is wildly implausible.

There is also an 8 minute video of the patrol going through Bucha as released by the National Guard of Ukraine. No bodies except one guy in a crushed car. In fact, no Russians, or else those troops wouldn’t be walking down the middle of a road either and chatting to locals along the way.

Bucha has a population of about 37,000 people so is more a large town than an actual city. Bodies piled in the street might tend to get noticed and get people talking. In fact, that patrol seems to have orders to clear the streets which is why they used a heavy armored vehicle to push obstacles out of the way after checking for booby traps. If there were bodies, you would have teams called in to photograph them and move them to a morgue or another building if too many.

Why has the ICC not sent a team of investigators?

The Russian Defence Ministry said this two days ago:

For as long as the town was under the control of the Russian armed forces and even then, up to now, locals in Bucha were moving freely around the town and using cellular phones.

The exits from Bucha were not blocked. All local residents were free to leave the town in northern direction, including to the Republic of Belarus.

The Pentagon can’t independently confirm atrocities in Ukraine’s Bucha, official says. If the Pentagon, which includes the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, could not confirm what the government in Kiev claimed, who else could?

Why are there no photos of grieving mothers, sisters, and family etc. The bodies aren’t covered either. This is strange considering they are supposed to be local civilians who probably lived on nearby streets (if western media is to be believed). Surely, if these are “locals,” their families would have attended to them, at least out of respect. But no, they allegedly lay there for 4 days, even three weeks, if one counts the satellite images.

Maybe the corpses were from people deemed as collaborators or traitors.

Bild’s Journalist Julian Röpcke, well known for his Syrian war coverage, explains:

Phew … what can I say … Ukrainians do gruesome things with captured Russian soldiers & traitors. But I won’t post that here. It’s fundamentally wrong, but it happens and anyone who criticizes it should ask themselves what they would do in such a situation.“

Ukrainians proudly uploaded videos of blinding and castrating Russian soldiers. 

Ukrainian militias regularly occupy hospitals, expel staff and patients at gunpoint, and use the hospital as observation posts and anti-tank firing position (likely using US-supplied Javelin missiles).

Ukrainian forces have allegedly blown up a storage tank that contained hydrochloric acid during their retreat from a chemical plant in the town of Rubezhnoe in the Lugansk People’s Republic. The tank exploded in a populated area controlled by local fighters.

Russian law enforcement agencies informed reporters that the Ukrainian sabotage group, which includes the militants “Pioneer” and “Grandfather” (real names Yevhen Klimenko and Yaroslav Barannik, respectively) are preparing provocations with death of civilians in the Kherson region.

Sanctions, hate, and disrespect

The Biden administration is betting on regime change in Moscow. Not only has the US government branded Putin a war criminal and initiated proceedings to prosecute Russian perpetrators of war crimes in Ukraine; at the end of a speech in Warsaw, Joe Biden uttered nine words for the history books: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

The sanctions will only fuel anti-Western sentiment in Russia. People will not accept a situation where they are being humiliated for simply being Russian.

The mass exodus of pro-western 5th columnists from Russia is continuing, which is a real cause for celebration. The sad part is that the official spokesman for the Kremlin, Peskov, seems to think that these folks are not traitors. 

The Atlantic Integrationists in the Presidential Administration and the Russian Government have totally mismanaged the PR war and then sent a pitiful figure like Vladimir Medinsky to negotiations, which made most Russians afraid that hard won military advances would be given away in negotiations. 

Frankly, sending Ramzan Kadyrov to negotiate would have been a much better move.

Outside of the western camp, the world community refuses to impose sanctions against Russia or to demonize Putin. The Islamabad Declaration issued after the 45th meeting of the foreign ministers of the fifty-seven member Organization of Islamic Conference refused to endorse sanctions against Russia and instead counseled cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, avoidance of loss of lives, enhancement of humanitarian assistance, and a “surge in diplomacy.”

Not a single country in the African continent and West Asian, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asian region has imposed sanctions against Russia. Following a visit to Hanoi, Malaysian PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, “We discussed the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and agreed that Malaysia and Vietnam will remain neutral on this issue. As for sanctions against Russia, we do not support them. The sides do not support unilateral sanctions; we recognize only restrictions that could be imposed by the UN Security Council.” This is the consensus within ASEAN too.

An alternative situation report

British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, was pranked by Russian duo Vovan and Lexus. What Wallace reveals, believing he is in conversation with Ukraine’s PM, is shocking. YouTube was trying to limit damage by removing the video, but too many viewers had it already uploaded to alternative platforms.

Ben’s big Intel Dump:

1. Over 4,000 NLAWs (anti-tank guided missiles) delivered.
2. New improved Stingers with night vision capability.
3. UK sharing intelligence with Kiev (and Nazi battalions).
4. UK is moving naval assets into the Black Sea.
5. UK planning naval provocations in the Black Sea.
6. UK planning NATO direct confrontation with Russia.

Russian generals claim that it had never been their intention to capture Kyiv or Kharkiv, and that attacks there had been intended only to distract and degrade Ukrainian forces. The real Russian objective was and is to gain full control of the Donbas region in the east of the country.

That may be a rationalization of the fierce resistance Russians encountered after launching the invasion. We will soon see if Russia’s army can achieve this more limited goal of encircling Ukrainian forces in the Donbas and perhaps securing a “land bridge” from Russia to Crimea along the coast of the Sea of Azov. All what can be said with any certainty is that this will be a relatively slow and bloody process, as the brutal battle of Mariupol has made clear.

The fall of Mariupol would free up Russian forces there and allow them to engage in a far reaching pincer movement together with another group of troops moving from Kharkiv in the northeast to try to encircle the Ukrainian military in the east.

As the Russian army has focused increasingly on bleeding the Ukrainian troops in the east, it has continued to use its arsenal of air- and sea-launched cruise missiles to methodically target fuel depots, military arsenals, and weapons plants across the country.

If the Russian’s succeed in encircling Mykolaiv, Odesa and several other Black Sea ports, it will have completely cut Ukraine’s access to its coast in a devastating blow to its economy. The seizure of Odesa would also allow Moscow to establish a link to the separatist Trans-Dniester region of Moldova that hosts a Russian military base.

Maybe Russia can also capture Zaporizhzhia, which is home to Motor Sich, Ukraine’s most valuable manufacturing export enterprise. Motor Sich produces helicopter engines and gas turbines for warships. Chinese investors purchased a majority of Motor Sich. Under pressure from the US government in 2019, Zelensky issued freezing orders against the shares held by Chinese investors. Just 6 months ago, the Chinese investors dragged the Ukraine government to international arbitration to get back Motor Sich under a bilateral investment treaty between China and Ukraine.

If the Motor Sich factory is destroyed, it would be like Boeing getting destroyed in the USA, making reconstruction a lot harder. If the factory is not destroyed, Chinese investors would get back their shares and invest in upgrading the plant. It would create thousands of jobs and be the manufacturing engine of Eastern Ukraine.

The Yuzhnoye missile/space complex in Dnipro would also be a valuable industrial asset. It’s been run down even worse than Motor Sich, especially since the 2014 coup and related sanctions disrupted the supply of Russian engines for its flagship Zenit rocket that launched from a converted oil rig as part of the Russian/Ukrainian/US Sea Launch joint venture.

Yuzhnoye still produces the 1st stage of the US Antares rocket that launches supplies to the International Space Station, although its Russian engines probably means SpaceX will take this business also. Yuzhnoye can likely still produce an ICBM in relatively short order, and President Putin mentioned Yuzhnoye in the context of the denuclearization of Ukraine, so it is unlikely Russia will allow this capability to remain in the hands of the Kiev authorities.

There will be a high human toll to achieve these military goals. 

Unfortunately, during the special military operation there have been losses among our comrades-in-arms. To date, 1,351 servicemen have died and 3,825 have been injured,” the deputy head of the Russian General Staff, Colonel General Sergey Rudskoy told a media briefing.

Ukraine’s military has sustained major losses in hardware, with nearly 1,600 tanks and other armored vehicles, Rudskoy alleged.


The population of Mariupol is mainly Russian speaking and there are many family ties and sympathies with Russia. That the neo-NAZI Azov regiment had it’s headquarter there was not without logic: They were an occupation force and they were the punishment for a population which was regarded as disloyal and unpatriotic.

As the battle for Mariupol raged, Azov deliberately targeted civilians, setup positions in civilian buildings (preferably hospitals), blocked or confiscated humanitarian aid, prevented people from leaving through the corridors which Russia had setup, and committed unspeakable atrocities. DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) militias found a torture dungeon after capturing Mariupol airport.

The remnants of Azov are now holed up at the harbor and at the Azovstal factory. That the Ukrainians used no fewer than four choppers on what was a risky mission to rescue fighters stuck in the Azovstal steelworks and the harbor may be an indication that some of these fighters had to be protected from Russian capture at all costs. 

Two of the helicopters were shot down, one at sea. There seems to be circumstantial evidence that two people on board the crashed choppers were French intelligence officers. There has been rumors of French President Macron frantically calling Putin and pleading with him to allow a French-Greek team to go into Mariupol to evacuate people. 

There are claims about a mix of French, British, Turkish, and US military advisors, however no one has provided any proof aside from some flag patches, but those are just patches, anyone could sew them on to their clothes (indeed a lot of the foreign mercenaries in Ukraine do sew their native flag on their fatigues even though they are not part of the official military). Unless the Russians actually captured them alive (and supposedly there were a couple survivors from one of the crashes) and feel like revealing the truth we’ll probably have to wait. 

Other rumors say that the Russian army captured the US Major General Roger L. Cloutier Jr. , but that could be a Ukrainian headfake to get the Russians not to simply pound the steel works back into the stone ages but instead induce them to go in to take potential high value captives alive, which would almost certainly lead to more Russian casualties.

Azov member Yevgeny Pozdnyakov was detained in the Leningrad region. He arrived in Ivangorod under the guise of a refugee, after which he planned to escape to Estonia. Pozdnyakov left Mariupol along the humanitarian corridor organized by the Russian military. How the man, whose body is covered with Nazi tattoos, passed the checkpoints is a question, because usually all men are carefully checked by Russian soldiers.

The Mariupol tragedy could be repeated in the Donetsk cities of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk, where 60,000 Ukrainian troops are trapped. They are reportedly digging trenches in the yards of residential buildings and setup positions in the 3rd Kramatorsk hospital (surgical, therapeutic), in school No. 12, and school No. 14. People report concentrations of military personnel in residential buildings along Socialisticheskaya Street (renamed Stusa Street) and Lazo (renamed Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred Street).

As in Mariupol, a number of large industrial enterprises are located in Kramatorsk, including the giant NKMZ plant (Novokramatorsky Mashinostroitelny). These industrial areas will probably be used as refuge when Ukrainian troops are forced to retreat.

Donetsk separatists have urged the city population to leave, as they otherwise will be human shields for the Ukrainian soldiers.

How to provoke a war

Russia had tried for years to reach an agreement about limited autonomy of Donetsk and Luhansk and there were two versions of such an agreement, called Minsk 1 and Minsk 2.

But on February 11, in Berlin, after nine hours of work, the meeting of political advisors to the leaders of the “Normandy format” ended without any concrete result: The Ukrainians still refused to apply the Minsk Agreements, apparently under pressure from the USA. Vladimir Putin noted that Macron had made empty promises and that the West was not ready to enforce the agreements.

In mid-February the artillery shelling of the population of Donbass increased dramatically, as the reports of the OSCE observers show. There were daily casualties from indiscriminate shelling. Neither Western media, nor the European Union, nor NATO, nor any Western government reacted or intervened. It would be said later that this was Russian disinformation. In fact, it seems that the EU, Britain, and some other countries deliberately kept silent about the massacre of the Donbass population, knowing that this would provoke a Russian intervention.

On January 18, Donbass fighters had intercepted saboteurs who spoke Polish and were equipped with Western equipment. They apparently were seeking to create chemical incidents in Gorlivka. They could have been CIA mercenaries, led or “advised” by US-cadres and composed of Ukrainian or EU fighters, to carry out sabotage actions in the Donbass Republics.

For many, the documented involvement of the CIA and its commandeered US Army special forces represents a red flag something is fishy about the narrative coming out of Washington and Langley.

Yahoo News on March 16:

“As the battle lines hardened in Donbas, a small, select group of veteran CIA paramilitaries made their first secret trips to the frontlines to meet with Ukrainian counterparts there, according to former US officials.” 

The Ukrainian military has claimed to have killed three Russian generals, including at least one reportedly eliminated by sniper fire. Yahoo News could not independently verify whether the Russian commanders were killed by CIA–trained troops.”

Canceling the Ukraine?

Poland has some second thoughts about Ukraine. Parts of Poland comprise today’s ethnically mixed western borderlands of Ukraine — oblasts of Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi and Lviv. If Ukraine fragments or collapses in defeat, Poland will most certainly seize the opportunity to reclaim its lost territories. Poland’s hyper-activism over Ukraine is self-evident.

Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk have both accused Budapest of trying to lay its hands on Ukraine’s largely Hungarian-populated Transcarpathian region. Sikorski alleged in a tweet that Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán and President Vladimir Putin reached a secret agreement on the partition of Ukraine.

A few links:

This is a situation report and included in the links because it is increasingly difficult to access pro-Russian sources.


  1. but what about the nazis on putins side? https://imgur.com/OW3x6mC

    how can any claims of “de-nazification” stand when there is a neo-nazi right beside putin serving as his special military? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitry_Utkin

    it is saddening to read how you accept pro russian messages as facts while treating everything else as fake, censored or conspiracy.


  2. THANKS ! The Nazism in Ukraine is the product of Nazi roots, neurotic nationalism and Western agenda. Indeed, I have never seen (56 yo) so many gag orders in the West, so much coarse propaganda. My side is definitively REALITY


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