Down On The Water

November 25, 2010

You’ll go down to the water and you’ll find nobody there
You’ll watch waves slowly curling, you’ll breath the cleanest air
You’ll watch the lizard on the stone, the bluebird flying low
You’ll watch the clouds as they are moving steadily yet slow

The pictures in your mind sharply contrast the outside peace
Your worries and your fears are not addressed by silent trees
The quiet lake could be a place for calm and consolation
Could soothe your mind, help you relax, provide some recreation

Will you refuse to face the truth and look the other way?
Will you comply and be another figure in their play?
Fighting the evil that destroys the beauty of the world
Is dangerous, you will be bruised, you may be badly hurt

It makes no sense, to burn out in a struggle you can’t win
That bravery won’t help, prudence and caution are no sin
Seek refuge here, put on a mask and maybe change your name
Wait for your change, obstruct, disrupt, derail their evil game

Mato 12/02/20002

One comment

  1. Sweet site, I hadn’t noticed mato48.wordpress.com before in my searches!
    Keep up the great work!


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