You Are My Life

November 25, 2010

You are the soft and gentle breeze
Causing the whispering of the trees

You are the soft and gentle rain
Making the desert green again

You are the golden morning light
Ending a cold and lonely night

You are the sound that makes me ring
Starting the song I have to sing

You are the song that warms my heart
And gives me strength for a new start

You are the dream that will reveal
The deepest love I’ll ever feel

You are the angel of this dream
Carefully guarding my lives scheme

You’ll teach me all the minor secrets
How to get rid of silly gadgets

You’ll then teach me the bigger secrets
To know and to extend my limits

You’ll finally tell me the big secret
Of life and of the sense behind it

You’ll lead my mind to real wisdom
You’ll lead my heard to real freedom

You’ll end all struggle, fighting, strife
You are my savior, you are my life

Mato 22/08/2001

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