Globalization Blues

November 25, 2010

No sun, dark clouds, cold, heavy rain
This life means misery, hardship, pain
Hubris and greed destroy the planet
There is no mercy and no regret
The faithful go to church and pray
The Lord will guide them on their way

This little house here is our refuge
From a capitalistic deluge
The bills are raining down on me
Living is costly, nothing is free
My little money, they will take it
Still hoping, somehow we can make it

Two headache pills, the pain now eases
I cut my credit card in pieces
We left the land of milk and honey
We have to work more for less money
Yet other people earn far less
Some other people starve to death

The billionaires keep a low profile
We hear from them once in a while
Of course, they try to make it right
And journalists know, what to write
Western plutocracies will prosper
While the economies will falter

It is in all our interest
To avoid chaos, social unrest
Turmoil, disorder, disobedience
Will give the muslim thugs a chance

MATO 22 03 2003

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