The Light

December 15, 2010

I wrote the following song lyrics in Fall 2009 and I recorded various versions of the song in Summer 2000.

The Light

Once in Summer the morning sun woke me up gently
And his light brought to me the taste of peace and freedom
And for a while I laid in my bed and thought about the good times I had
And the pictures in my mind showed me a small path to wisdom

Once in Autumn I walked and watched the leaves falling
And I thought of the millions and millions of souls
And I thought about all their hopes and their goals
And for a while I stood still and I heard a distant calling

Once in Winter I sat by the chimney and watched the logs burning
And the wood it burned down like my hope in the end
And the glow of the ashes grew dimmer like my strength
And I saw the end of life but there still was a yearning

Once in Spring in the evening I watched the clouds drifting
And I still felt this yearning and I still missed something
And I still was learning but I still had found nothing
Yet I was relaxed and my mood was slowly shifting

And though it was evening the sky grew bright
And despite all my burdens I now felt so light
And I heard all these sounds and saw all these colors
And I smelled all these scents and pleasant odors
And the feeling of calmness and the warmth in my heart
Now I knew what to do, I had to teach this art

And the balance and peace of my soul gave me confidence
That this was the truth and I had to share my experience
When all things come together and all missing is found
The talking ends but there still is this incredible sound

Mato 4/11/99

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