The Liars

December 15, 2010

This is a little poem that I wrote in 2002 and I post it in the category “Rhyming Attempts”, though it is obviously a rhyming attempt that has failed, because there are no rhymes.

The Liars

They are born liars — and very skillful ones
They’ll deceive and cheat you
They’ll promise you everything and break every promise
They regard themselves as superior
They are ruthless and they have no mercy
They easily reach the highest positions and gather great wealth

Don’t let them spoil your life and disturb your dreams
Don’t let them corrupt you and never imitate them
Don’t hate them, it will only hurt yourself
You have to accept them as an inevitable reality of life
Like rainy days, thunderstorms, natural disasters
Like pests, diseases and death

Don’t try to obtain their sympathy nor try to persuade them
It will be a waste of time
Try to avoid them and keep your secrets
Be cautious and careful but remain open minded
Try to find friends and unite against them
In a nonviolent struggle of civil obedience

Don’t bother to find out, if they are happy
You’ll never find out and it doesn’t matter in anyway

MATO 24/04/2002

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