The Knife

December 20, 2010

Sharpened a small knife in my kitchen
It was a rather strenuous action
I cut my finger without reason
Was there a subconscious intention?

I needed milk, went to the farm
I found the farmer in the barn
He had a chicken in his arm
A lovely creature, soft and warm

He said: you are just right in time
You see this chicken in it’s prime
And then he took a big sharp knife
And the poor creature lost it’s life

Thanks heaven, I’m a vegetarian
And I don’t need to kill poor chicken
An animal just wants to live
We take it’s live, what do we give?

Another man showed me his handgun
It’s metal glittering in the sun
I thought: it’s time to turn and run
But then he’ll shoot me and I’m done

He said: this is completely legal
I thought: maybe, but it’s still fatal
He gently touched the shimmering metal
I thought: in death we are all equal

Musicians play sweet serenades
And soldiers detonate grenades
The lucky ones survive their comrades
The generals live on their estates

The jets fly carefully planned air raids
The missiles always find the targets
Kill everything in fire cascades
If right or wrong, no one debates

It seems that men will never learn
The wheels of death will always turn
Bridges will crash, houses will burn
The weapons industry will earn

We learn to kill, to take the lives
We train on animals with knives
We end all live that tries and strives
We kill it all, nothing survives

MATO 20/02/00

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