Land Of The Free

December 20, 2010

The free market economy
Induces social harmony
And monetary ecstasy
While corporate identity
Curbs individuality
Increases public apathy
Political illiteracy
Exactly as it ought to be

Some persons though want to be free

Success is the philosophy
That brings us wealth and luxury
And competition is the key
To a prospering industry
Losers deserve no sympathy
They’ll fade away in agony
That is the way it ought to be

Some persons though want to be free

We pay the loan, we pay the rent
There’s nothing left for us to spend
Old tales about prosperity
Sound like a bitter irony
The workplace insecurity
Drives us into insanity
We could get broke quite easily
We could slip into poverty
Subjected to austerity

Respect is an exigency
Self-respect is a quality
Pride could be a nobility
Compassion be a luxury
I want to live in dignity
Decency and integrity
But I need some security
I know, it is not only me

I know, it is not only me!
Who else, who else wants to be free?

MATO  23/07/2003

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