Our Small Life

December 20, 2010

Hello, my little friend’s are all
Just waiting downstairs in the hall
They are so cute, they are so small
I’m not so cute, I’m rather tall

The weather is bad, they don’t like rain
And going out would be insane
They don’t seek fortune nor seek fame
But they are bored now with this game

My little friends have no bright brain
Teaching them math would be in vain
Or would be difficult at least
For men are men, and beasts are beasts

They’re persistent to get their will
They have their talent, have their skill
They are so cruel, they like to kill
Watching them still gives me a chill

I’m glad, that I am not a mouse
I’m very glad to have my spouse
That we can live here in this house
(Of course it would be warmer south)

It’s good to have this little life
Good to avoid all grief and strife
The world outside can be disturbing
A big life could be quite unnerving
The competition is ferocious
The challenges, they are enormous
What is this life, what is the purpose?
The question makes me somehow nervous

My little friends don’t raise this question
They play, they hunt, just carry on
They’re happy, when they get their food
Life is okey, life is quite good

MATO 25/01/05

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