Another failed rhyming attempt

December 22, 2010

Another failed rhyming attempt (right, there are no rhymes). I sort this little poem from 2002 into the category “Rhyming Attempts”, because it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

The Real Culprits

They’ve lost ten million friends now
And they don’t mind
Maybe they’ll never need them
They assume that they will never need them
As long as they have that one big friend

Maybe times will change and they’ll regret it
To have lost so many friends
Maybe some day they’ll plea for help
Whining and talking about another Holocaust

Who knows?

There is no justice in this world
And the killers will not pay for their crime
They are protected by their powerful friend
And they are not haunted by guilt

But whoever you blame for the carnage
Don’t forget the biggest culprits
The ones who made the weapons
And gave them away for profit
Or to further their sinister cause
With the destruction of innocent lives

They call their enemies cowards
But they are hypocrites and liars
Bending and breaking every rule
Cheating and deceiving friends and foes alike
And hiding behind a shield of secrecy and misinformation
They themselves are the biggest cowards

All that doesn’t matter
It probably never will matter
It is mentioned only
To explain and to prove
That there is no justice in this world

Mato 13/03/2002

One comment

  1. I agree with most of your points, however some need to be discussed further, I will hold a small talk with my partners and perhaps I will ask you some suggestion soon.

    – Henry


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