Peace, Please

December 29, 2010

Shadows by the starlight
Love had lost it’s meaning
Sleepless in a long, cold night
Dullness replaced dreaming

On a dark and chilly morning
Looking down from the hills
We remember the grim warning
It is fear and hate, that kills

While the land is still sleepy
In the faint morning glow
Don’t we see what could be?
Do we still want to go?

Fear, frustration, wrath and hate
Is like cancer, and it grows
We could leave it and just wait
We could stop fighting the foes

Do they sing the same song?
Do they still want to fight?
As they think, we are wrong
And believe, they are right

And we know, we need peace
We don’t go, we don’t fight

And we know, we need peace
We will try with all our might

And we know, we need peace
War is wrong, peace is right

And we know, we need peace
End the darkness, bring the light

We want peace, peace please

MATO  23 10 2007

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