The Most Invasive Species

December 29, 2010

All the poems, that I published in the last month and will continue to publish are meant as song lyrics. That is the reason why I try to construct rhymes. The need to find a rhyme will maybe sometimes obscure my message and I count on the good will and the imagination of the reader to find out the actual meaning of the rhymes.

Occasionally I will also publish texts without rhymes. My talents are limited and I’m aware of my limitations and aware that I’m not able to write great poetry but as this blog is meant for my friends and people who resonate and have a corresponding and compatible view of the word I present the texts, hoping that occasionally a discussion will be incited.

The Most Invasive Species

Imagine a future
When there is no nature
The trees will be gone
No soil, only stone

The nights will be dark
No flickering, no spark
No other disturbance
Only eery silence

Our fellow creatures
They rightful hate us
As human ignorance
And evil violence

Causes degradation
And annihilation
Causes liquidation
And extermination

Our fellow creatures
They rightful hate us
As the extinction
Unabated goes on

One day the verdict
Will be dramatic
On the evidence
Of our ignorance
Our stupidity
And monstrosity

The final judgement
Will mean our end
And our legacy
Will be infamy

Mato  August 15 2010

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