Some like it cold

December 29, 2010

I heard, some people like it cold
A heart of ice, and not of gold
Don’t warm the shiny wall of ice
Don’t warm this heart with good advice

I see the ice, I don’t see gold
I heard, your jewelry has been sold
No need of good or bad advice
A deal was made, you’ve paid the price

When all assets are finally sold
You start again? You feel to old?
Or try once more to win the price?
This time it will be smooth and nice!

Savings are lost, it was in vain
You placed the wrong bet in the game
Just asking, whom you want to blame?
The documents will state your name

Reject any well meant advice
And never cross the wall of ice
A heart of ice, no heart of gold
I see, some people like it cold

Mato 21/02/2002

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