Mothers Advice

December 29, 2010

My mother once told me:
“Don’t deal with idiots, they only make trouble”.
And she’s proven right every day of my life.

Mothers Advice

When I was a young child
We often played nicely
More often we quarreled
And we acted wildly

When I then grew older
I agreed, I complied
I heard plenty of nonsense
But I always kept quiet

Then I learned to be firm
When I knew, I was right
Then I learned to succeed
And I learned how to fight

There were times when I failed
When I chose the wrong side
There were times of defeat
And I heard in the night
The calm voice of my mother:

My mother she told me
As she did in my young days
Son, don’t deal with idiots
They shell have their own ways
Son, don’t deal with idiots
They only make trouble
And if there’s a problem
They will make it double

Mom was proven right
Every step on my way
I learned how to quit
And to exit the play

When I cannot avoid them
I keep calm and quiet
Making just the right steps
To succeed without fight

MATO June 10th 2007

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