The Illusion of Hope

December 29, 2010

As Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” has transcended into the “Illusion of Hope”, I thought it is time to publish my very own rendition of this theme. Here it is:

The Illusion of Hope

Since man’s appearance the evidence
Is mounting and the guilt is haunting
That human action means destruction
Our violence spells natures silence

The legacy of our history
Is ignorance, evil and violence
Is desecration and annihilation
Is liquidation and extermination

We know, all plans will fail at last
And everything will turn to dust
Nothing will stand, nothing remain
Our efforts will be all in vain

What legacy are we then talking?
As humans will not be existing
Hot sunlight will burn everything
All live will die, there will be nothing


We know, that hope is an illusion
Love will not change the world
Compared to anger and confusion
Hope does no harm, Love doesn’t hurt

The warm feeling of love and hope
Can help us through the darkest day
It will not change men’s evil way
It will help us to cope

And that is something
It’s more than nothing
Better than anything
So keep on teaching:

Give all the love that you can give
Enjoy the love, that you receive
Alleviate the suffering around you
Alleviate your own suffering, too

What else can we do?

MATO    21 01 2009

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